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Why am I getting these phone calls ?

10 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 2 days ago
Every so often, I get a phone call . When I answer, I say "Hello !", and nobody at the other end says anything . Some of these phone calls come from inside my state, and some of them come from another state . My cell phone has a caller ID feature which lists all my incoming and outgoing phone calls . When... show more

In timed bomb, do you cut the red or the blue wire to diffuse it?

6 answers · Other - Electronics · 6 hours ago

Why are smart phones so difficult to understand?

27 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 5 days ago

How long does a smartphone last till it literally dies?

6 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 4 hours ago
Best answer: You can keep a phone forever and replace chips or battery or screen ect. as they break. The issue is at some point it's so crap it's not even worth fixing.

I noticed that so many high end modern phones have such low megapixel counts (12 mp on both the Galaxy S9 and iPhone Xs). The pictures taken do look nice but I ve had so many occasions where I try to zoom on those low megapixel images and they always become super blurry. How do those compare to a much older phone... show more

Photography Question?

12 answers · Cameras · 5 days ago
Can someone recommend me a Nikon DSLR camera that is for beginners and is wishing a $800-$1300 price range? I have the Sony DSC- HX400V but I’ve tried t out so many different ways and the only time I get decent photos on it is when I take pictures during midday outside, but other than that, it takes pretty bad... show more

It should sell more than the original Playstation 1 or about the same with its success in gaming

Are pay phones still in use anywhere in the US?

9 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 3 days ago

How do i make my low-end pc faster?

6 answers · PC · 21 hours ago

How can i axis my girl friends camera on her iphone?

6 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 22 hours ago

Are people going to see my stuff?

6 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 23 hours ago
my phone wont turn on or charge so im returning it. it has some explicit videos and pictures of me on there which i cannot delete without accessing the device (which i cant do anyway) will the company that receives my defective phone see anything?

I want to download music onto my mp3 player?

9 answers · Music & Music Players · 3 days ago

What works better for gaming? Unlimited mobile hotspot or satellite?

5 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 17 hours ago
I know neither are ideal and I used a hot spot with no lag at all but it's not unlimited

I've had for at least 8-10 years. It was a Christmas present. Is the unit dying out? Do I need to replace it? Where can I find a new Magnavox VCR/DVD combo player? This is getting frustrating because I can't enjoy a movie. The DVD part has been freezing and skipping on and off for the last two to three... show more

How often do I clean the tv screen?

16 answers · TVs · 7 days ago

Which smartphone would it be a smart thought for me to buy in 2018?

8 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 5 days ago