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My dad opened up a restaurant and bar, about 2 months into it he ran out of capitol. With me having good credit he wanted to use my name for the loans. I wanted to help him so I proceeded. I signed the loans for him but they needed me to be the owner of the business. So my dad has me sign to be owner, which I... show more

Is Trump a real person?

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Is this name too confusing?

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I'm thinking of starting a business named Krvken (pronounced Kraken like the sea monster). I will have a kraken in my logo. Would it be obvious how to say it or is replacing the A with a V a problem?

Best answer: I want to say it was the Carbon Filament, that made the light bulb practical, invented by Lewis Howard Latimer. But maybe it was the Blood Bank, invented by Charles Richard Drew. or could it be the Potato Chip, invented by George Crum, or was it the Touch Tone Phone, Caller ID, and Fiber Optic Cable, all invented... show more

And can you give us some ideas on how much it will generally cost to have it done for us? We have no idea where to start or what to do? And what are the pros and cons of incorporating? Is Incorporating necessary or needed if we have home Insurance. We are in Atlanta Georgia, if that matters The more... show more

I want to start a vending business. I know what I want to sell, but how do I ask a retailer if I can 'set up shop' in their store? Like displays of sunglasses, vending machines and such. For example I have a sunglass floor display. I want to set it up for 'impulse buyers'. Do I just walk in and ask... show more

Best answer: Some if not most of the bigger ones determine everything down to what color shoes the employees can wear. You are buying into a brand, you have to be the brand.

Best answer: Logically, if you have no business skills you really need to take some courses on business and finance. If you don't then you are doomed to fail before you even start.

I need help naming my business?

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Hi, I’m starting a new business very soon and everything is pretty much set and stone except a name for my company. I’m basically going to help people shop for insurance and charge them a small fee. I’ll do all the researching and help them find the best plan for them. Any suggestions for a company name would... show more

Best answer: It is extremely easy if you can spend $2,000 a month on advertising your Amazon store... because... a LOT of people have Amazon stores...Ebay stores...Shopify stores.... their own websites ...and then there is Target, Walmart, GoodWill and Craigs' List...and the Dollar Store that you will be competing with.