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Best answer: Well in a way depending how you think of or who you think of Andrew Jackson a bit

Ariana Grande?

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What makes her so pretty? Why does everyone love her face & body?

Best answer: Shawn Mendes. Shawn Mendes is totally everywhere. Sean Mendes makes me hot and bothered. I m pregnant and Shawn Mendes is the father :)

Do you get married Do you work in a social setting Like grocery store Do you lose weight I'd like to know the objective way as opposed to the fictitious weird ways people attain fame on social media or by sacrificing dignity. It appears that celebrities came out of the womb as celebrities.

Best answer: Trent Reznor

Mariah carey swears in her songs on her recent album. She never use to talk like that until now

Seems odd to me. LOL

What type of singers are?

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ariana grande or taylor swift or shawn mendes ?

Did Nick Jonas marry a non-White?

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In how ugly they look physically without their respected positions.

Best answer: Of these Blake Lively is my absolut favorite followed by Lily Collins. But I think all of them are beautiful.

Best answer: HE’s extremely annoying

Best answer: simple sex sells and enticement is the sugar for the sex

How can I contact a celebrity?

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Best answer: Tommy Lee Jones is a very good actor. I have no idea whom the other person is.

How did michael jackson die?

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