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Best answer: He's a whackjob and I love him

Why do people like Trump?

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Just curious

Is she still in the hospital?

Not sure if that's enough for retirement

Is Joan Jett married?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No. She's a lesbian.

Most celebrities' children do not have down syndrome yet us peasants' children do?

Best answer: Probably not, at least not all of them.

Best answer: Difficult Divas: Theda Bara Joan Crawford Bette Davis Elizabeth Taylor Faye Dunaway Barbara Strisand Jennifer Lopez Gwyneth Paltrow True Divas [the root of the word divine] Sarah Bernhardt Mary Pickford Lauren Bacall Natalie Wood Katherine Hepburn Meryl Streep Bette Midler Judi Dench Helen Mirren Natalie... show more

Is donald trump secretly jewish?

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ive seen a lot of people say he might be jewish, and im wondering if thats the case. im not an anti semite, just curious.

Best answer: Sarah easily. She's still super hot.

I follow his career