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Do I get income tax at 17?

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My grandmother recently inherited a large sum (over $10,000.00 US dollars) after her brother passed away. However, when she gets the check it will be in Polish currency. She tells me that she is not going to get taxed for inheritance, but she doesn't know about whether or not "Uncle Sam" is going to... show more

Why don't they just let California burn?

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I have a tax question?

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I was just wondering if someone delivers pizza for a living & if that someone finances a new or used car & they use it for deliveries, can they write of the payments on their taxes?

How to get a tax return ?

8 answers · United States · 5 days ago
If you are self-employed and it hasn't been a year yet. This is your first year of working.

Would the State or IRS likely notice if I don't pay taxes?

16 answers · United States · 1 week ago
State is Virginia. I won $2500 dollars by hitting 4 numbers on a lottery ticket. I took the ticket to the Richmond lottery headquarters yesterday and I came away with my check for the full amount. The staff told me that for those smaller amounts they do not withhold the taxes themselves and it is my... show more

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If I do not pay a debt do I need to pay taxes on it?

12 answers · United States · 7 days ago
if a debt is forgiven, I need to pay taxes for the debt. What if the debt is past the statute of limitations a and I no longer need to pay the debt, or a judge finds in my favor when a third party debt collector attempts to sue me. Do I pay taxes on the debt I do not pay?

Is the profit I make on my home taxed ?

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How can a person live off the lottery without paying taxes?

13 answers · United States · 1 week ago
Best answer: *their Whether you get a 1099 or not, you are required to pay taxes on the winnings. So, your comment that "they will have not done anything illegal" is incorrect. Besides, the odds against having that many winning tickets would be astronomical. EDIT: You may not receive a 1099 for winnings of $600... show more

What to do when giving over the yearly gift tax allowance?

8 answers · United States · 7 days ago
If selling a house & giving someone, that wasn’t on the deed, a large portion of the sale (more than yearly $15,000 gift tax allowance) how do I show that so I’m not later taxed and the person who received the money is?

Why in California is our gas tax money going to bonds.?

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Is it legal for an employer to withhold a paycheck?

8 answers · United States · 1 week ago
I work as a lifeguard, and the company I work for has a policy concerning quitting. If I were to quit my job on a date before the date I told them when I was hired, they will deduct $200 from my paycheck. This seems like withholding salary to me, and definitely doesn’t seem legal. Isn’t it illegal to retroactively... show more