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Best answer: Sure. My sis has let hers go natural, and it looks lovely.

Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?

24 answers · Makeup · 2 days ago
BB cream, mascara, light nude eye shadow, and lip gloss. I want to get eyeliner soon too. Is this too much? Best answer gets 10 pts!

Poll: have you got any wrinkles?

22 answers · Makeup · 1 day ago

Is it weird to hold money in your bra?

37 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
My mom was telling me to fetch some groceries and she handed me a 20. I just folded it and crammed it down my cleavage because my leggings didn’t have pockets. My mom laughed when she saw me do that and told me it looks cheesy. I really didn’t get what she meant; it’s been a nifty place for me and I’ve never lost... show more

True or false: some people have acne “forever”?

28 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 3 days ago

What color skirt should a man wear?

13 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
Best answer: A man can wear any color skirt. Free choice

Do most women cut their hair in college?

12 answers · Hair · 1 day ago

What features does a woman need to pull off short hair well?

14 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 1 day ago
Think Halle Berry short

Do I look pretty or average?

10 answers · Politics · 17 hours ago

Do men find thin women unattractive??

11 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 9 hours ago
I’m currently at a good weight but I still think clothing looks better on thinner body frames so I’m planning on shedding about 15-20 pounds. The thing is that I’ll lose most of my breast and butt fat in this process and will most likely be on the “flatter” side. Do men find that ugly and unattractive??? I don’t... show more

I gave myself a bad haircut, what do I do now?

29 answers · Hair · 5 days ago
I tried cutting layers in my hair, but they came out kind of choppy and I m so mad at myself for doing it! I ll be going to the hair salon next week, but I m afraid people will laugh at it until then. Holding it in a ponytail looks a bit weird as well. Can I do something that would make it grow faster or just do... show more

Do I resemble any celebrity ?

10 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 11 hours ago
Best answer: Ashley benson

Will people judge/dislike me for having multiple ear piercings?

13 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 1 day ago
I have 2 lobe piercings and one cartilage/heix piercing on my left ear. I want to get my left conch pierced but I'm worried about what people will think of it. Part of me feels like I shouldn't care what people think and just get it because I like it. But at the same time I'm worried that people will... show more

What is your favorite mascara?

23 answers · Makeup · 4 days ago

Poll have you got anything better to do?

36 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 4 days ago

Do you think Every man should own a Rolex watch?

44 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 5 days ago
Best answer: Its up to them if they want to look "fly" then sure but what really counts is personality