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Ways to be rich?

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At my local mall plaza, there's this man who walks around everyday saying his car ran out of gas and he called roadside assistance but he's like $11 short then he asks if he could borrow $11 while he lends me his state ID. I've ran into him at least 3 times in the past year and every time I ran into... show more

Best answer: There are good churches that help people and then there are churches that take advantage of people. You are in the second category.

I ordered a phone from China, Elephone A4, and the package is handled by DHL, few days later i get an invoice of £20 from DHL due to import duties/tax, this was not made aware to me during the order and im a bit aggrieved at having to pay for something i had no idea about. Does anyone have experience with this, do... show more

i want to send a package to a fried of mine with a get well card and Gatorade well my concern and worry is this if i write the return address and the delivery address on the shipping label and stick my package in the mailbox with the red flag up on my mailbox but what im concerned and worried about is this would... show more

I work on Saturdays and some packages have been stolen in the past, even right in front of my security camera that I installed because of it. When I find something online I literally check the shipping estimate just so I can buy it at the right time to prevent it from being delivered on Saturday. However it... show more

I sent an angry letter to Netflix?

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I'm about to ******* lose it. Netflix screwed over Blockbuster in 2010 because they wouldn't buy them. Recently, Blockbuster closed down one of their last stores, leaving only one in the United States. I'm a 59 year old white conservative male and I can see how greedy and corrupt America has become... show more

I need $2 right now, what do I do?

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How do I return a package?

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I'm returning a package for the first time from eBay and the seller already paid for the return label, but now what do I do with it? I tried leaving it in my mailbox thinking the mailman would take it, but he didn't. So where am I supposed to take it to get it shipped?

I received a letter today from my old boss asking me to get in touch with them to explain why there is £600 missing from the company’s petty cash tin. I left the company 6 weeks ago and have started working somewhere else. Usually the process is: 1. Customer gives me money to pay off their bill 2. I put that... show more

So my parents decide to let my sister's husband take control of our t mobile account and they made him and my sister the account holder. This made me an unauthorized user so t mobile people won't talk to me now. Now I can't upgrade my phone or make changes to the plan without asking him first. I am... show more

Best answer: It means it left one facility and is on its way to another one. Not sure what else to say about that.

1st Daughter: 21 years old (22 in September), graduated from an honors college, was an RA, studied fashion merchandising has a 50,000 a year full-time job offer (assistant store manager) before even graduating 2nd Daughter: Dropped out in 10th grade when she was 15. Got a GED. Worked at Forever 21 (retail) for a... show more

Best answer: Yes, a donation is voluntary.