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Why do you write?

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Explain to me why you write. And why writing is important.

The class size is pretty small there would be around 6-10 students so it's easy to spot the weak one. My knowledge of Shakespeare is pretty weak however I am very interested

I had a bad issue at work and have been offered money to squash it. However, I'm a writer and want to write a book about it. If I take the money I can never talk about it again. I do need the money too. Should I take the money or write a book?

Best answer: I agree, look at the "Fifty Shades" books: the prose is atrocious. Publishing is much like Hollywood: it can be poorly composed trash, unoriginal salacious mind-candy but if it makes a profit, they do not care. There is no pride in craftsmanship such as quality of prose.

Best answer: A couple of reasons *the romance subplot was cringey *the over saturation of pop culture references *that weird tirade against religion that is out of place in the book *that even more bizarre masturbation passage *Wade's Gary Stu status *the book abandoned the framing device in the prologue (Wade explaining... show more

When I look for book to read on Amazon I always look at the bad reviews and ignore the good. 1 or 2 star reviews I find to be more truthful since authors can buy people or bots to leave good reviews just to hype up their book. Anyway, most of the bad reviews are people saying the story was full of cliche stuff.... show more

Which one is correct?

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"I'm telling the teachers of you" Or "I'm telling the teachers off you"

Basically, my story is meant to be silly and random. In one chapter, I want to include a lesbian scene, but I'm worried it might put off my readers. If you were a reader just looking for a short, funny story, would you mind coming across a lesbian scene?

last night I watched a movie on hbo. this movie got an interesting storyline. A man lives alone by himself in an apartment and he sees a female ghost who keeps bothering him. The man talks and talks to this woman ghost in public. People may think this guy is a lunatic. But it turns out the woman is still in a... show more

I want to name a character after a girl I knew in high school . When I try to contact her about using her name it did it in Atlas unfortunate creepy way . This was about two years ago . I asked a bunch asked a bunch of people buy text that I thought I would know her And then her boyfriend got mad at me

Best answer: It was cut out of lakes and stored in an icebox, which is an insulated cabinet. Later the word "icebox" was also sometimes used to refer to a refrigerator with electricity.

Best answer: I would read it sounds like something original. Not only that you will have readers who can also relate. Not everyone is going to like the same thing especially if they are close minded. Its good to push the bounderies it keeps people from living in a bubble. Good luck with your book I hope it comes out good.

In a state of fury, Belly pushes Lilly against the wall of the classroom. Bella cages her in between her arms to stop Lilly from escaping. -- I know it sucks! I hate it. Can you please improve it? Thank you.

‘They’ve come back? Who have they to choose from but the old and the women?’ ‘The children.’ ‘Pfft!’ old Cyphrid Mael’s cheek twitched, ‘An army of lions they’ll be, no doubt about it!’ ‘I was warned they already took a great number of children from the next village over, and now they’re coming here. They took... show more

Don't get me wrong, I like romance books. But why can't any of them be about normal guys who don't look like models? Maybe some who are nerdy or awkward or just some kind of variety. Maybe a guy who's nice and funny and goofy or something. They always do the same things too. Football player,... show more

Can a horse walk with a broken leg?

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Best answer: You should research.the human and veterinary surgical data as to what a horse with a leg fracture and a paraplegic can do, but I doubt it. The weight of the man would increase the pressure on the horse's leg. The incline of the mountain would also put momentum on the horse's movement, and the horse is... show more

I wrote 40 pages so far in 2 weeks, so by that logic, how long will it take if I have intermittent writer block?