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Also I don't like using my phone either. Am I out of options.

i have quite a few paperbacks which are from the early 1980's, they are so valuable to me, probably not to anyone else...but they are special to me because of their cover art illustrations -which you don't get on books now....but on a few of the paperbacks they are tattered and some of the pages are falling... show more

Best answer: Good scene. The one thing I don't care for is the confusion of switching of perspectives. I'd show everything from David's perspective. Let David feel the foe collapse at his feet, instead of a separate narrator description.

Okay, so I just handed in my master's thesis and am mentally exhausted. I'm looking for book recommendations. I haven't read anything school related in years and I think my brain needs this to unwind. I love agatha Christies's poirot. And I have also read many miss Marple stories. I have read... show more

Okay, so I noticed that whenever I read a book let's say The Book Thief. I don't know half the words in there. Like, every couple sentences I have to stop and look up a word. Is that normal?? Or is it just me?

What book are you presently reading?

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I'm reading: The Rumour by Lesley Kara.

My story only has 7 papers. But looking for someone to read it and expand the story with adding details without having to change the actions already in it

Have you read this book?

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Best answer: No, I haven't. But if you like it, why are you embarrassed to talk about it?

Best answer: The main character was someone kids could relate to. The story was solid and interesting,and it fed into everyone's sense of adventure.

In a series I'm working on, the main character is homosexual. His orientation does not effect his personality whatsover. The only thing that shows that he's gay is that he gets into a relationship with another male character. But other than that, he doesn't express any homosexuality undertones... show more

Best answer: Not automatically. If your book does not have a message worth writing and does not say it clearly, not a single Bible verse will get it on a library shelf - not even in a Bible school.

Best answer: They care more about illegals than Americans. They've proven that.

Best answer: No. I think the original story would be harmed if there was a Scrooge and Cratchit sequel. Dickens' story is just right and covers what Dickens wanted to say. I'm not a fan of sequels by other authors. I think they spoil the original and they don't have the same "feel". Even the best... show more