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Best answer: Certainly, for several good reasons. Solid state amps tend to cost less, and that's a huge reason. They also weigh less watt-for-watt and that's an important point if you schlep your own gear. Additionally, technology has come a long way and there are many superb sounding solid state/modeling amps.... show more

Best answer: Classical/art music will never die. Although many people do not think this to be true, we know for a FACT that ticket sales to at exhibits, concerts (not including pop, rap, Rick, etc.) and theater (again, not including Broadway/Vegas, etc.) exceeds the revenue is ALL SPORTS in the US, combined. Do not tell me an... show more

Is Meryl Streep Overrated?

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Best answer: I am not a fan of hers. She depresses me to no end

i ve been practicing my dance coreo for months with my class and we rehearsed after school and worked really hard on it, i would even have to excuse myself to drink water or throw up at times because i was so fatigued or light headed or nauseous after class, and now, its all over, i performed and people loved it, i... show more

Best answer: I tried to learn more about you - but your other questions are blocked. I am a career multi-degreeed full time professional musician in NY area, since 1973 - as are DH, adult son, his wife (they are now hear Philly). If you are a student - then realize that you cannot BUY technique. I am a flutist, and my... show more

Why did this lady wake me up?

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I just fell asleep between classes; college; as I usually do when I have a long break and need to mentally prepare for a dry, 3 hour class. This lady who I didn't know taps me on the shoulder and says "I'm sorry, you just look really exhausted...are you okay?" I replied that I was and told her... show more

Best answer: I am appalled that your school music program has let you all go on so long without learning how to tune to the entire ensemble. If you have checked your head joint cork by inserting the MARKED end of the cleaning rod, and the line shows up in the exact center of the mouthpiece embouchure hole - then this greatly... show more

One wonders if this despicable man will get a gold played urn now with billions he had. What a waste of the fire fighters efforts. They should have let him burn for a few more hours. My hounds killed some rabbits the groundsman informs me. But I have been saddled with a god awful flu since last night. I believe... show more

Lefty Acoustic Guitar Problems?

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I am a lefty. Do I need to get a lefty guitar, or could I just re-string a righty guitar? What is the difference? (I'm talking about acoustic guitars, just in case there is any difference)

Best answer: Go for it, unless someone has a natural british accent at your school. They can determine which accent is fake and real.

Hello everyone I’ve been trying to learn guitar for years now on and off, due to fact parents don’t let me practice when they’re home so my time is limited. I’ve also tried to learn keyboard at times. I’ve had tutors try and teach me, they literally gave up on me, I’ve had friends trying to teach me, didn’t work,... show more

Best answer: Give me a few weeks and I'll try, or do you mean 'suggest'.?

Best answer: what is yellow and goes cheap cheap? a Chinese prostitute

Best answer: They are breeding like rabbits, actually. White indigenous Brits are having 1.7 children on average, whereas Muslims are having 5 on average per family unit. This is their long term plan to outbreed us and they will succeed by the mid-21st century unless something is done to stop them. Failure to act now will see... show more

Will England have a black King?

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With markle now breeding her sprogs in the palace. Has time come when our royal lineage has been overrun by Africans ? What will England under a black king be like? Cherry my carribean chef has given me a glorious stew. I feel a strong Irish whiskey. I might free Cherry one day.

Best answer: there's already an AIDS epidemic. Transmission between men is at record levels in the UK

Best answer: Or BETTER still let's have them MURDERED !

Best answer: In the old system, a Master was at the top of his trade. A Master had worked his way up through being an apprentice (to a Master) and then a journeyman (qualified and paid by the day (journée) for his services), after which he could set up on his own as a Master. So a person who is said to be a master at something... show more