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1. Mark Zuckerberg :- A good looking beta male. A nice guy and one of the richest man on the planet. Net worth over US$ 60 Billion 2. Johny aka The Animal :- A real man with balls made of steel. Looks good too very masculine isn't he? A well known white alpha male according to police records. Net worth : US$... show more

What is "gynocentric"?

6 answers · Gender Studies · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Thinking that women should be allowed to speak in public

jobs like teaching, nursing, barista, food server, bank teller etc not saying there are only women in these jobs and there are no women in jobs that require more work but it is interesting that they are dominated by women

Best answer: Very interesting question. The reason is very simple women like alpha males and hate beta males. All they care is how alpha the man is, looks, money, race, color and personal hygiene none of this matter. Alpha means aggression. Most alpha males are @ssholes but women love them anyway there is nothing we can do... show more

What is Mansplaining?

14 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
Explaining a situation from a logical perspective? Is Womansplaning the act of explaining a situation from an irrational perspective?

They always haunt me, and many people have negatively judged me and my personality for them. How can I make things right?

Best answer: Yep. Sad but true. Some people will judge a person just on how they look, and it's really sad because they didn't even take the effort to get to know that person.

I’ve spent my youth struggling with PTSD from sexual abuse! I’m 33... I would give myself a 7 in looks and I have no children. I’m broke with a college degree and I live at home! I’m finally healed from the ptsd... my thing is.... is my life ruined. I don’t have a job/career. I feel like I missed out! I want... show more

People dislike me at first sight, what can I do about it?

9 answers · Psychology · 15 hours ago
I am ugly as hell but that's not the only reason. As you know there are many ugly people out there but people usually don't dislike them at first sight. They may not pay any attention to them that's all. Something else is wrong with me. Anybody can help? Why the hell I deserve this?

What is the difference between men and women?

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Im a 29 year old male and I dont see a difference

YouTube videos. I have such a low esteem, because of my look and not without a reason (among others, receding hairline while I'm ALMOST 15-years-old). My life is sad like my childhood was. If I wasn't that scared of death, I'd definitely be dead right now. Is there something that could help me or I just... show more

I wish men were like woman. Woman almost never look at men's private parts.

Or is it simply a comparison between what men on average and women on average earn

I always feel like I m being watched?

8 answers · Psychology · 18 hours ago
Best answer: Can you imagine anything more boring that watching another person 24/7. I mean, really, what are they going to see? For the most part they will see sleeping, eating, watching tv, gaming, texting, and all sorts of boring things. On the rare occasion, they might see you naked or masturbating, well after seeing that... show more

Which of course includes believing affirmative action for women should be abolished in favor of equal opportunity employment.

She's been bullied really bad from 10/15 and mobbed fron 15 til 17, until she graduated and never encountered beasts on her track anymore. As she was a child, all the kids in the school bus screamed 'go home' in choir, as she was an animal. She was racially bullied cause she's eastern european ... show more

What causes liberal males to be so effeminate and emasculated?

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Best answer: the place seems to be RUN BY WOMEN !!