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Do you have to be really good at drawing to become an architect?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 3 days ago

Should I buy an Ipad Pro?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 days ago
I've been thinking of getting the 10.5" one. I need it mainly for drawing. This year I started my career as a tattoo artist, I also work as a freelance illustrator (since 2 years) designing album covers and band merchandise. I don't earn crazy money just yet, I'd say it's a normal yet irregular... show more

Where can this statue be found?

5 answers · Sculpture · 2 days ago

Where do those talented at drawing and art find work or sell their art?

4 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 3 days ago

I'm self teaching myself art, and have gone back to complete basics. I've been learning fundamentals, drawing from life, drawing every day etc. I'm a long way from having amazing artwork that is realistic, and have been struggling to nail proportions. So I'm wondering if there is a point where after... show more

How to become an animator without a degree?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 5 days ago

Best answer: I'd suggest photography . You'll be much more likely to benefit for the rest of your life from the principles you learn there, and in all kinds of other pursuits/etc (including all kinds of art-related ones ). You'll also be much more likely to actually do photography during the rest of your life... show more

I am a young amateur artist, I've started an instagram account. I want to be able to sell my artwork at extravagant prices, how do i go about getting my work featured in galleries and promoting myself towards getting famous and successful.

Is painting and drawing a dying genre?

5 answers · Painting · 1 week ago

Do I need an art class/teacher to become better at drawing?

4 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago
Recently I've gotten into drawing again after stopping from being discouraged for about 2 years. I'm want to know if whether I need an art teacher/class to become better at art. I've been looking at a lot of tutorials and readings online. I currently don't have a way to access a local class.... show more

How much do I charge for this custom pencil drawing? (Photo attached)?

8 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 1 week ago
The drawing is for my old English teacher, and it's of her two children. She told me to name the price, but I have never worked professionally before so I don't know what to do. I recently turned 18, and I have been drawing for a little over two years. The piece is a 16x20, and I have been working on it... show more

Literally no other types of photos for years that arent like that

Photography - Burst shot - Low light?

5 answers · Photography · 1 week ago
Best answer: If you want to use bursts without flash, depending on ambient light only, you will need a very high ISO, which may result in noisy images. Be sure to turn on the Noise Reduction Feature. From your description I am reading you want to get the entire arc of the flower toss, hence the burst. These images may well... show more

Tips for beginner manga artist ?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 1 week ago
I’ve been trying to draw the anime art style for like 2 months now and I’m I pleased with what I’ve done so far . All YouTube tutorials are kind of Garbo . Is there like any books with tutorials or Anime Anatomy or something . I just would like to learn how to draw the anime art style and make it look nice

Why should modern art be respected when it is nothing more than trash?

8 answers · Other - Visual Arts · 2 weeks ago

Best answer:   .   You are thinking in a way that uses the artistic person to creative design, rather than the technical person that takes that idea and designs more practical function concept that works,   Before you look at industrial design, understand the technical side and mechanics that are required that apply to a... show more

As of recent, my interests have set its sight in the art of Computer/3D Animation. Unable to take part in animation school this year, I have resorted to self-teaching myself until the opportunity arises once more. I'm taking a rather serious approach to this as well. For example, there are those who find... show more

How do you draw mickey mouse?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Look at pictures of him (he varies over the years) and emulate that.