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How would they even find out? Only thinking about this because insurance for new drivers is very expensive, especially without the stupid black box.

I would guess that it is much higher.

So you pay for the Car itself and Insurance. What other stuff do you have to pay for if there is any extra stuff?

So I sent my car and the insurance pictures, it’s Lyft by the way that is dealing with all this because their driver hit my car, anyways. They sent me a check for he repairs but then the body shop declared it a total loss, but I’m still making payments on the car, they sent me what the car is worth and the payout.... show more

We live in Oregon. My insurance company is being persistent about me coming in to discuss adding my licenced 17 year old son to my policy. We are on a fixed income as I am disabled. Also, my son doesn't drive my car. Ever. I am requiring him to get a job first so that he can afford insurance before he is... show more

Required financial responsibility for Texas drivers and vehicle owners includes: A. Department of Public Safety approved self-insurance B.Coverage by a motor vehicle or automobile liability insurance policy C. Either A and B are correct

So a rental car rear ended me. They gave me their license and I took a picture of it. Cops said because no one was injured and it was just a small dent that they wouldn't be coming around (understandable). Is it possible for my insurance company to figure out the other drivers rental company? The other driver... show more

I have a question about an auto insurance company who is trying to make us cover damages to a vehicle that we didn t hit. We were in someone else s car trying to move it when it was hit by a delivery semi. The semi driver claimed responsibility at the scene, but now his company won t cover because the car was in a... show more

Best answer: You were way to casual on this issue. As someone said, you thinking the person who's spot was taken would just park somewhere else makes no sense. Why would they park somewhere else and get their car towed? And when the landlord looked up the plate it was not listed to a resident, so they think it is an... show more

Best answer: You don’t. Pretty much the only point of circling the damages on the police report is to just give a general idea (ex: left rear, right front, etc.) a material damage adjuster will be the one to decide if the damages on the wheel are related. Even if the accident report lists them, the adjuster will still make his... show more

Best answer: Why are you staying in North Carolina? Is something preventing you from going somewhere? If you move to, and establish residency in, South Carolina you can then get a driver's license there. Otherwise, you are required to wait the time limit on your suspension in your home state. It's the time you pay for... show more

Best answer: You need one to drive on public roads In every state I have lived in ( that's 7 of the 50) you need a DL to register a vehicle and to purchase insurance ( not needed for renewal because its on file)

Or will I still have to have someone in the car with me with an actual drivers license ?

Best answer: Good question. Insurance is assigned to the vehicle not a person. So any casual driver would be covered by the policy assigned to the vehicle. Examples - my cousin comes in from out of town and drives my car around for a few days. I loan my car to my neighbor if their car is in the shop. I drive my friend to... show more