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I have a 2002 ford fiesta 1.3 and it always overheats the fan is constantly on even when just the electrics are on and it takes about 20 seconds for it to turn off when engine switched off.  The fan switch, thermostat and coolant reservoir bottle have all been replaced. And still nothing had changed.  I drained... show more

So whenever my friend turns her car, her power steering stops working and her battery light comes on. Only when she turns her car. So I what should I check in the belt components and could it be the harmonic balancer.

Best answer: OH I'd ask for more than that! It is a chance that they used the wrong oil filter. If the engine locked up, chances are it's toast. If the place is honest, they'll replace the engine. Take it to a different garage first. If it's the wrong oil filter...then approach the garage. By the show more

My car(2011 Nissan maxima) is having an a/c issue. It looks like the compressor clutch is not engaging. This happened the right after the radiator was replaced because of a leak, but even with the leak, the a/c was working perfectly, but once replaced it didnt work anymore. I took it back to the place. And they... show more

Tried to get battery looked at at Autozone, the guy said it's only showing about 10.47 volts. I asked if he could check the alternator, but his computer said no because the battery wasn't 12V. The guy said only way to check alternator with low battery is to take alternator out of car. Can't do that. So... show more

The manual even recommends 87 and it has a compression ratio of 9.5 seems like it should run great on 87. The engine was rebuilt and I'm not sure what all was done to it maybe that has something to do with it?

Just bought some new ignition coils for my car and out of curiosity I tested the resistance. They read 9.37 but my manual says they need to be 10.00. Does this mean they're no good?

Can I find my stolen car?

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Are car winter mats necessary?

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I have the original Nissan Rogue floor carpet, and then my dad bought some floor carpet from home depot and got it cut to fit the interior of the front and rear passengers to cover the original Rogue floor carpet but my friend said that an actual floor mat is better for rain, snow and dirt. Is it true? or is it... show more

Not considering the PCV system How would oil, due to oil blow by from bad piston rings, make it's way back up and all the way through the air intake system to the air filter? To me it doesnt make sense. It's not my personal vehicle, it's just something I'm trying to undersr and for curiosities... show more

In my 2017 rogue it has a 55 L tank. Right now it says I have 186 Km before i go empty but I am obviously not going to wait that long. The rule of thumb is no less than quarter tank full, but is there a certain amount of KM left to drive threshold?

Yes the OEM tires were crap but only 20,000 miles and they re done? Then tried a set of Goodyears, only got 30,000 on them. Now Generals are wearing quickly. Front tires wear inside and treads are feathered. Ford has aligned the car a couple differnet times. What s going on here? Is there something wrong with this... show more

Chirping/squealing noise help?

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Best answer: Get a $15 engine stethoscope so you can find the noisy bearing and not blow major $$$ on needless parts. That water pump is $250, why would you replace it for no reason? I pity you, your wallet must be really deep. After all that $ spent, then you'll find out the noise is from the A/C clutch bearings most... show more

It's still above the "L" label, but a little bit. by the way my coolant is 50/50 toyota super life long coolant.

My friends mom bought fluid for a Honda, but I drive a Hyundai. The gears are shifting hard and the check engine light came on and it's because of the transmission oil temperature sensor. But how do I fix that besides the sensor? I've probably driven no more than 30 miles on the wrong fluid. Is there a way... show more