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Is it still worth it to learn how to drive stick shift in 2019? Why nd why not? is it worth it for someone who isn't planning to buy a manual transmission car?

I know some need it for work, and others just drive it for pleasure.

Last night I went and pounded in both rear quarter panels. No rust. Guy says it runs and drives very good

Best answer: Die Hard car lovers hate the newer cars because there's too many computers on them, too many gadgets and impossible to work on. The older - the better.

How to deal with that? I think they have some modern gadgets to stop that, but that stuff is hard to know and I think not everybody can doing that? I heard there are people who got lost back in the 1980s who are still driving round looking for their house? If they forgot where they live then how to getting home?

Light blue cars?

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Best answer: You can get any car in any color you like. It's just that that shade of blue may cost more if it's not a standard color option.

I have a honda-accord 2007

I live in a city with fantastic public transportation, buses are very frequent, trains are frequent and pretty much can get you anywhere in the city you want. Yet still finding huge amounts of people using cars causing traffic jams all the time. I get that if you have kids it’s easier but I see lots of people... show more

Best answer: I suppose it depends on where you live. Where I live in NorCal, most people drive instead of taking the bus, and not a lot of people here use ride sharing services.

Best answer: 260 hp is more than average for cars in these days of pathetic underpowered 4-cylinder engines that are built for saving fuel rather than providing adequate power. Some cars are so underpowered as to be unsafe. They essentially cannot get themselves out of an emergency situation quick enough or merge safely onto an... show more

I fitted them in my 125 varadero but kept getting flashed so took em out.

is there a way to make the air last longer? I'm trying to write a story, and I was hoping I could drag it out a little longer

Best answer: They were not slow. All these idiots just want a Mustang to outrun a Porsche 911. Not gonna happen. For the money, they were good cars. I had 98 one with a V-6. The interiors were cheaply done but other than that I had no complaints.

Best answer: theyre probably people of all ages

My car is a 1997. How can i use it for uber?

Best answer: According to google maps, 912 hours non-stop. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Los+Ange... 912 hours (1/24 day/hr) = 38 days

I’ve always pronounced it with the “z” sound but my mom says it with the ‘s” sound.