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really is is blood money! Can you imagine profiting off somebody's death? How do these life insurance recipients sleep at night??? No wonder so many people get murdered for life insurance money! That's like being some kind of war profiteer like Bush and Cheney during that stupid Iraq war! Making money off... show more

I worked for a healthcare company that worked with in a retirement village. The company decided to pull out of that retirement company altogether. I quit that company. ANOTHER healthcare company has taken over their patients care. According to my original company, I am not allowed to work for them because they... show more

Best answer: Is it your brother or your sister? Because you say "my sister and I" and then refer to "he" and "my brother." That itself makes your story sound fishy. The rest of your story doesn't make sense either. I'm not sure what you're getting at, but it's pretty well... show more

Best answer: Raise it with the IT team (that Jane's group emails are not arriving in your inbox). Or you could email Jane asking to check that she hasn't ''inadvertently'' done something BEFORE you raise the issue with IT. Otherwise, what's going to happen when an "important" email is... show more

Hooters uniform?

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so tomorrow i start at hooters and i don’t have my uniform yet, should i have gotten it before my first day like orientation, or do i get it tomorrow when i go in?

Best answer: Wouldn’t touch Tesco with a barge pole. They only stock halal meat.

Best answer: Plenty of other firms do same day delivery. Argos has a lot of stores, including smaller stores in places like Sainsburys, who also run same day

The last couple of summers My parents have me spend a few days with my Protestant uncle in New Jersey (fri-Sunday).. On Sunday morning This past summer I asked him to drop me off at a baptist church. He told me we don't need to go to church because he can just light and a candle and we can read the Bible at... show more

All the employees did their performance evaluation this week. The company divides the year in quarters to get raises depending when you start. I started in May and other people started in August and December. They told me that I have to wait until next April to get my raise but they gave people who started in... show more

Best answer: There should be no problem with it. However, the way you're describing yourself, it sounds like you look somewhat suspicious while you're there. Your own behaviour determines if the workers will have any problems with you or not.

Best answer: If he's smart he'll pick Ireland. Less flashy but he'll get in the lineup more often.

Best answer: Jews tend to be subversive like that

Best answer: Nobody can force Saudi Arabia to do anything because they control world oil prices and supply. But they should take refugees of theri own religion but refuse to because they know the 'refugees' are undesirable and many are members of ISIS, so they let them go to Europe. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia brings in... show more