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An old acquaintance is trying to get me to join a company. The thing is, I'm pretty sure its a ponzi scheme. Later tonight, she is going to introduce me to the boss of this company and I really want to get some good information from the boss before I call this whole thing off. Honestly, I would really like to... show more

Hello, I am 16 and I am planning to use shipt grocery delivery for a part time job because of the flexible hours. However, they require you to be 18, and have proof of insurance. I am wondering if I can use my mother’s info, and deliver the groceries for her. Is that legal?

Best answer: Call them and tell them to make arrangements for somebody to come pick up the order. They failed to deliver, reported the delivery lost and asked you if you wanted a refund, which you accepted. Now the responsibility is on them. If you don't get anywhere with them on the phone, then do it in writing and keep... show more

Best answer: Admin Assistant or Exec Assistant is fine

Does Walmart sell Dr. Pepper?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Every major grocery store sells Dr. Pepper.

I really hate shopping at Walmart because their selection is bad but their products are really budget friendly. Target's selection is even worse while being slightly pricier. And Whole Foods is out of the question because it's ridiculously expensive. Are there any other grocery stores I could try?

Does volume compensate loss?

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If you lose sales because your product costs $2 more than your competitor, can you gain back profits by matching their price?

Best answer: At least he can read.

Hello, everyone Just to realize that there is no such thing as freedom of speech like the politicians claim, few days ago, I jokingly changed my profile username on Yahoo! to "Shlomo Shekelstein" and then after few days, Yahoo! has ruined the Yahoo! Answers website for me such that the webpage appears... show more

Best answer: If you don't do anything nothing bad will happen to you as you followed all the rules expected. If you want a clear conscience email whoever you bought it from and let them know that the package arrived today and that you haven't opened it. Be sure to include the transaction number so they know what... show more

The main gole is obviously how much money the a hole managers can shove into their pockets off the backs of the lower end employees no matter how hard they try to hide it.

my driver today thought i was a muslim (because i come from such a country I act like one) said he s for sharia law and that women musn t be equal to men, and secularism is anti-islamic... I would like for him to lose his job, at least.

I graduated college last May, and have been working for a major manufacturing company. My role is in data analytics/logistics. This industry and especially my department is very male-dominated, and there are a lot of upper-middle-aged men (i.e. in their 50s and 60s). Perhaps due to their age and the fact that we... show more

It says my package was delivered at August 31 12:49 pm but right now its the same month and day but its 2:52 pm and it says it was delivered but i dont have the delivery

Best answer: Not a Dem., but there have been no changes. The Government should have no say in how private companies manage themselves.

Walmart item unavailable?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
It says This item is no longer available, we're unable to show you buying options for this item. What does that mean? It's a seasonal item, will it come back next year?

Best answer: None You are a victim of Urban Legend. Two kinds of people will tell you that a Rolex goes up in value: 1. A person who has never owned a Rolex. 2. Someone who sells Rolex. I'm sure you heard "Everyone knows a Rolex goes up in value". Let me assure you that whenever you hear "everyone knows... show more