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My parents have a horrible credit history, and they just put my name as a joint account holder without telling me. I do not own a personal credit card of any kind yet. Will this affect my future credit history?

How can I build my credit score fast? I am trying to sell my home to purchase another home, but the banks won’t approve me because my credit score is only 560 Are there any ways to build a credit score fast?

I got my daughter a car last year under my name. She is paying the monthly payments for it and she hasn’t missed any my question is when she turns 18 can she take over the payments through her own credit to help build it

Best answer: If you aren't delinquent, they don't care. Make those minimum payments until you die. If you cease paying, they will write off the debt as a loss and sell it to a collection agency...they will be the ones to sue you.

I paid $3000 for my credit card accidentally, when I was only supposed to pay $300 I entered the wrong amount and when I contacted my credit card company they said they will review the refund whether they approve or deny the request. Do you think they will approve or deny it?

How do i change my credit card #?

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Ok so here s the thing. Ive been seeing a chiropractor for about three weeks. Every 30th of the month I make one payment. I gave them my debit card which they ask for to make the payment. No problem. However they ask for two debit cards for a backup. Now before y all go crazy and start saying it s sketchy or I m... show more

What are ways to build credit?

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I am a college student and I recently had to use one of my credit cards to pay for a bed, furniture, house deposit, rent, and things alike because I moved out of my old house into a new one with new roommates and I do not have enough money for all of those things at the moment. I used one of my credit cards with a... show more

So about a month ago my wallet was stolen with my state id, debit card, and insurance card inside it. I thought I'd go get a new instate id (moved from Texas to Washington a few months ago and hadn't gotten an instate id yet), turns out the birth certificate and social security card my grandparents handed... show more

How do I refinance my loan?

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I'm almost 25. Have about 10 credit cards (oldest is 6 years old). Never missed a payment. Also have a school loan and never missed a payment. Each credit thing on my credit card accounts (FICO/Experion/etc) says I'm around 710. I got a new car this weekend and have a 6.9 APR? That is way too high for my... show more

Best answer: There's a lot of overlap. Some MasterCards are credit cards and some credit cards are MasterCards. (Other credit cards include Visa, Discover, American Express, etc.) Other MasterCards are debit cards. A "Master" card means a card processed through a certain network called... show more

This has happened to me several times where I paid doctors office with a check. They cash my check then later claim I did not pay and want a copy of the cancelled check. This is happening too often to me. I write the account number. Is this a new scheme or do they simply not know what they are doing?