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Best answer: Sure. With today's technology, you can live anywhere and use any bank.

I want to make sure my money and my properties and most of my assets goes to my oldest daughter she is over 18 and lives away from me. How can I make sure all of that goes to the person I want when I die

My significant other will soon be 18. They currently live with very abusive parents, both emotionally and physically. Once they re an adult their parents have said they won t get any support or funds for college. On top of that, they are non binary and have been binding for over a year. As an adult they would... show more

Can I afford a $17,000 car?

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I’m a recent college graduate with my first real job. So i need a new car. I make $50,000 a year before taxes. I have $3,000 to put down on the car. I do pay $600 a month for rent but don’t have any debt. I found a car that I like for $17,000. Can I afford it and would it be a wise decision to buy it? Thanks.

I'm re-posting an earlier question due to poorly phrasing it. I was not asking if this was enough for retirement. I was wondering if this amount would make you feel financially secure at the age of 58. - And, while you are still working.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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This is for people who know Bankruptcy and don’t use Google. I have a loan and my Grandmother co-signed. It’s a $21,000 loan that was used to get me started when I graduated high school. I benefited from the loan she didn’t at all. She also is extremely ill and doesn’t even remember co-signing the loan. After two... show more

How can I land £5k in one month?

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I'm so broke. No jobs, no eligibility for loans, nothing to sell, not into gambling or prostitution, can't find a legit GoFundMe kind of site.

Most extreme ways to save money?

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Best answer: Live in your car. Attend free seminars, open houses, etc. to obtain free food. Use public bathrooms. Shower at a gym or pool.

Best answer: Indeed. I went overseas and paid mine off after a year . . . So yeah, put it to rest and move on with life.

Need advise badly?

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20 years old and need £200 for friday or else i will be kicked out, not currently working due to bad car accident and the bank and lenders will not provide loan unsure what my best option is

Pensions UK?

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Hello I am deciding on paying into my company pension and need helping whether to or not. The things that are putting me of are: risk of me not getting it, whether this be pension goes bust/never reach the age to get it, feel money may be safer with me and could get interest in a bank, idea that if I die early in... show more

Fees? Self management? Advice?

Bank closed checking account?

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Best answer: They'll take whatever is needed out of the $1000 to cover the overdraft and any fees (and there could be a few if this has been like it for a while). Don't expect to see close to $1000 back.

Best answer: I would do what makes you happy. Im glad you quit the job you hated. I did the same thing i quit my desk job as it was driving me insane. You can do anything you want to forget about the money its not soley what makes you happy. Just aslong as you can get by. I have a career now where i can get out and about and... show more

I finished my second degree for school and got another "real job". However, I still live with my parents and all of the money is allowed to go into my account. Therefore I save money and have enough to buy what I want, and I cut out some useless expenses because I live with them. I make about $3000 a... show more

Best answer: My bank allows you to open one with $50.00 & you can use it for anything you want. Personally I use mine to save for Christmas & then my summer holiday. I have a separate one for home improvements.