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Im still a college student and I don't have a legit job yet. I babysit here and there to pay off few bills and don't pay taxes cuz I don't make much. a few years ago I worked at a movie theater for 3 months. so thats the only time I payed taxes. but now since I'm moving out of my parents place I... show more

I know money doesn't bring happiness alone. I am asking based on today's current tax rate in USA, what is the best salary range that you earn little more than your taxed? Ex. A $45k salary might be better than $80k because of different tax bracket.

Best answer: Not if you remain in good standing. They can't call your loan simply because your credit score dropped or because you lost your job or something. If your loan goes into default due to missed payments or some other violation of your contract, then they can call the loan. It doesn't mean anything since... show more

How to earn money at age 12?

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I when to go check and see if your money on card by phone and i heard they was miscellaneous charge of $27 so then i cal the Chase Bank and they told me they took $27 dollars out of my account becuase a unknow person or someone the i dont know accidentally sent the money or transfer the money to my account in... show more

Best answer: I would clear any debt I had, set aside enough for one nice family vacation and put the rest into retirement accounts and/or kids college funds.

My friend/co worker started offering me a ride home because my house is on her way home. She literally passes my street to get home. I don't get rides with her every day, however. I want to compensate her for something, but I can't think of something fair for the both of us. A part of me is like... show more

Every few months my friend will text me, saying that her parents need me to lend them some money for gas. The money is paid back, but I'm starting to get frustrated because instead of these 40+ year olds figuring out how to balance their finances, they're relying on their daughter's 19 year old friend.... show more

I am due in August. My job won’t approve me for paid leave unless I’ve been there for a year (September marks a year). Our plans were to save taxes but unfortunately due to car situations I already had to use my taxes. So all we have are my fiancé’s taxes. I need some advise on how to make some extra money while... show more

Best answer: Go to any bank. Bring your ID with you. Tell them you want to open a savings account. They will walk you through it from there.

Trading in a vehicle?

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I was just wondering when you can trade a vehicle, I’ve geen told anytime. Also been told, after a year etc… so when can you trade one in? And if you have to stay with the same dealer like ford to Chevy

I don't have a bank account and the bank that issued it does not cash checks over $2500 from non customers. I can't open bank account at the moment.