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Basically our landlord sent us a paper in the mail saying we had to be out of our house by December 1st because he is selling the house. Our lease doesn t end til June, and we ve never paid rent late or broken any of the rules for him to randomly make us leave. Also, in the paper it says "December s rent must... show more

I was putting together a lease, and wondering about late rent. Home is renting at $1000/m. I have a late rent charge of $25 after the 5th day. Due 1st, 5 day grace to 6th (for Friday Checks if needed), then on the 7th I add it. Let's say someone doesn't pay until the 20th, can you, or have you, added... show more

I want to move out of my moms house and live with my girl, but i don’t know how to do it legally.

I'm moving into a new share house however I cannot move in for another 3 weeks but the room is currently vacant. So the people there have asked me to pay just under 3 weeks rent ($300) to "cover" the next three weeks and help subsidise the cost for them (because they're currently paying for all 3... show more

Best answer: Short answer No; the legal answer is this: Pipes generally only freeze if the weather is below 20 degrees for several consecutive days. Pipes should be insulated. Wisconsin winters are indeed extremely cold; even in New Jersey, I have dealt with frozen pipes but avoided bursts by opening taps. Pipes do not burst... show more

I didn't pay because I didn't get work by my job , which is by assignments . I'll get paid next month . But my landlord gave me 10 days notice to evict my room. It'll be up in a couple of days then I guess he'll take me to court . I live in Philadelphia, PA. He doesn't want to work it out... show more

My roommate is looking to assign her lease to someone when she moves in a few months. I do not feel comfortable with sharing a house with a complete stranger from craigslist since our bedroom doors do not lock. Our lease states that "any tenants names herein or in the number of tenants occupying the leased... show more


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I was asked "Do you even have your own apartment".. Here's the deal kid... I have a whole lot better than my own apartment. I have a house that most people can't afford. Most people here can't afford a $390,000 house. Most people anywhere where they live, can't afford the kind of a... show more

Best answer: So you are illegally allowing her to be your roommates but collecting money from here. Now you are mad that she is allowing someone else to stay in her room and collecting money from them? Do you at all see the irony in this? Anyhow, I suggest you simply ask them to leave. You can tell them that since they are... show more

Can I keep the money?

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I am the seller. Closed on house at table without buyer cuz they went first. I did not have my realator either. throws paperwork in my face to sign, I sign. They do not sign the closure document. They (title/escrow co) deposited more money then they were supposed too.

I live in the state of North Carolina and I rent a home. My lease says that I may own a dog with the landlords permission but when I asked my landlord for permission she gave me a list of requirements my dog had to meet in order to be there. Can she legally do this if it isn’t specified in the renters agreement.... show more

My father is telling me I can do this but He’s misinformed me plenty. I’m completely ignorant of real estate and of financing, so I’m asking you yahoo answerers

My landlord said that themselves and a banker would be in to have a banker inspect my apartment, specifically to refinance, they were supposed to come today but did not, now they're coming tomorrow and Friday, the form says 8am to 5pm, kinda long but, anyways, I'm just more curious about the process because... show more

Rent Payments & Credit ?

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So, about a month ago, I had broken up with my controlling, manipulative, and abusive ex boyfriend. We had been renting a place together, and both our names are on the lease. When we broke up, he had decided that I was the one that had to move out and made me give him my keys to the apartment. Anyways, when we were... show more

I'm moving to Denver Colorado and am looking for an apartment preferably a loft style, that goes for around $800-$1050 a month I'm moving in a hurry so hopefully I can get some answers quick

What are my options?

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I recently moved into a flat. My neighbour is driving me crazy. They are noisy and rude. I have entered a 6 month tenency agreement. Is there any way i can ended early, say 2-3 months? Or will i be liable to pay the rest of the months rent.?

I am living in Los Angeles. Within the first month of being in my apartment I discovered a pest problem (roaches). I contacted the building manager and he gave me the date that Pest Control would be servicing the building. However, the date I received was wrong. Due to this, my apartment was not properly serviced... show more