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I saw 2 homeless/transient near the front yard of neighbor's home which is vacant for the time being than later they disappeared. I realize now that they were scoping the home to see if anyone was living there than they jumped over the fence and somehow broke into the home maybe through a window. Maybe they... show more

I didn't think this was such a big deal, but she came over in a rage because I planted two bushes. She then ordered the gardener to remove them immediately, & then increased my rent AGAIN to punish me for planting them. She just increased my rent six months ago, so to now raise it again over two bushes... show more

My landlord is really nice. However, they just don't follow our contractual agreement. My apartment has no fire alarm, or carbon monoxide dector required by law. I 3 months ago and have yet to recieve the proper equipment. My bathroom sink has beenout of order for 3 months. I have been constanly giving verbal... show more

prospective property manager states owner cannot be involved between manager and tenant including having a copy of manager/tenant lease agreement

Does this count as subletting?

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there are three of us on the tenancy agreement for our house, according to this agreement only the three of us are allowed to live there and we cannot sublet it. if our friend were to live in our spare bedroom for a few nights each week for six months, without paying us any rent, would this be forbidden by our... show more

Should I sell my house?

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Best answer: Ugh ignore people like that, just because you ask questions about someone etc does not mean you have a mental illness ignore 'anonymous' because thats just a troll. Has nothing better to do in life, clearly. Selling your home is silly, if you feel like you are concerned about your mental health always... show more

I'm a single parent barely making ends meet right now. I had a job making $17.85 an hr and lost it last yr. I'm only been able to find job paying $8-10 an hr. My mortgage is like $900 a month. most employers only giving employees 25hrs or less to avoid having to offer health insurance to employees. I'm... show more

Should there be kid rent?

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Theres pet rent but why not kid rent?

I want to live on a farm/ranch, I looked up some laws and some areas only allow 6 or so chickens and others allow up to 50. I currently live in Michigan, I am considering moving to Delaware, but guessing the weather could be a problem. How would I know if the area is for Amish people or who don't have... show more

I am month-to-month tenancy at a trailer community in Concord, North Carolina. On July 12th my husband wrote out a 30-day written notice in front of someone at the Concord office saying that we were leaving the property. The landlord company, which is in Virginia, is saying that our 30-day written notice was not... show more

My car is paid for so I only pay 100 dollars in insurance. Internet & phone is 108. Food is 200 ( just me ). Renters insurance is 40 a month. Furniture and fingerhut purchase? 121 a month. Gas is 80. I don't use credit cards so that's out of the deal. My car tax is 140 this year. That brings my... show more

Best answer: If your landlord allows you to sub-lease, yes. If not, no.

I start my new job next week. It’s sad but I owe him 2 months worth of rent can’t beileve I let myself get behind like this. All together I owe him 1500 dollars. It’s August 14th. I owe him July and August I’m honestly not going to be able to make that up in 2 weeks. I need a month at least. Do you think he would... show more

A gentleman from out of state moved to this state in order to obtain a medical marijuana card for legitimate reasons. He showed me the doctors paperwork, and I honestly feel bad for him. So, I guess if that works for him so be it, I've heard the studies on the news, etc, although I don't use... show more