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I'm in my mid-twenties and have experienced this throughout my schooling, with days like "the day of silence", school sponsored pro-homosexuality lectures, and school-wide walkouts to Scott Walker getting rid of collective bargaining when I was in high school being applauded and encouraged by the... show more

Am I a mean person for not tipping?

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So I ordered a carry out order at Olive Garden and I payed with my card and the girl told me to fill out the receipt and for the tip I didn’t put anything because I wasn’t dining in or anything but then when she picked it up and looked at the receipt she looked a little sad and it made me feel bad lol was it bad to... show more

Please explain any bible scriptures you use?

Best answer: everyone saying that it is NOT disgusting has no idea what money is covered with,,, you can get e.coli from it dude.(among a lot of other bad/gross stuff)

Why do I have a stalker moving all my questions?

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Best answer: So .. this isn't meant to be a Dining Out in Melbourne Australia then ? My guess is that it's one of the Anonymous answerers you have here !!

Are atheists taking over earth?

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Why is McDonald's hamburger meat so gross?

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I can't even stomach it anymore. I used to be able to when I was younger but now I can't even eat anything they make except chicken nuggets or their chicken products.

This is an invasion. 1,200,000 people crossing the border illegaly. Thats more than the entire US army

Which fast food place do you like better?

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Qdoba or Chipotle

Best answer: They’ll correct you and clarify what you’ve requested before they process your order.

Hey libs what happened to your trump- Russia collustion?

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Is it possible Hillary Clinton could have been less than honest with her accusations?

Christians lovingly made that stuff over dozens of years in a tribute to their God, Jesus Christ. They think some kind of engineering firm is going to just come in at repair it? If they dont' have love for the Creator it's going to be nothing like the original Notre Dame.