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I make a question about gaming and its put in mental health and I make a question about rap music and it gets out in reptiles.. I now expect this question to be hot potato for trolls. This makes me happy that youtube didn't go along with that youtube heroes crap they were gonna do. Very similar. Someone in... show more

Is this a wise choice?

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In Israel we finally created treatment for cancer but we will not be releasing it because it will increase world population and we don't want that.

Best answer: NO....and one has yet to be caused by a dog.

Best answer: chew it quietly then spit it on the sidewalk so others can get it stuck to their shoe

Best answer: It's up to you, if you are old enough to consent doctors should respect your decision, and give you all the information about it with their opinion.

I got tested a good few years ago over dyslexia and was given additional support in test in college. A few years I didn’t think I needed it becuase I was doing an art course. I was offered but I was too stubborn to get it done. Come to today I’m doing an apprenticeship and my tutor has now suddenly asked for... show more

like ADHD Aspergerts Autism

Is Amnesia worse than autistic?

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Best answer: Has increased right along with the growth in tech, social media and such. Started right around Bush's reelection and has steadily grown since. The major difference between Trumps coverage and Obama's is how the media portrays both men. Last year over 80% of the news stories generated by the main stream... show more