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Where do memes come from?

7 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: The word "meme" is a neologism coined by Richard Dawkins. A meme, in his scientific context, is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning.

Best answer: Identity crisis. Feeling different and insecure. Growing up without both my parents has made me bitter.

Is User Testing a scam?

6 answers · 5 days ago
I want to sign up but my parents say it's a scam and that no one pays people to test websites. But all the reviews I've looked at say it's legit so... idk ?

Best answer: didnt need to look far

Best answer: 3-4 years

im a liberal, but I now we are too weak to fight caravan, so im voting republican.

Best answer: They would be ranked in where if any countries dare to attack them will get annihilated. U.S spends 750+ billion on military every year whilst North Korea spends 3.5 billion yet both can do the same amount of damage to each other.... show more

Best answer: a signature..

Best answer: If you are female, you should because you will not be harassed on the street. You should also have a male companion at all times.

What should I do?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
My narcissistic father is angry at me because I showed him my straight A report card. He cursed at me, and I politely yelled him to calm down. Then he begin to belt me on my legs. I held myself back, before he yelled at my face then slapped me. I snapped at that moment. I am stronger than him, and I slammed my fist... show more

Best answer: Absolutely ABSOLUTELY NOT! We need keep these invading immigrants away. No matter how hardship their lives are in their country, no matter how poor they are, no matter who desperate they are, they shall not pass the border. I am praying every second of everyday that our TRUMP MAGA GREAT WALL OF AMERICA is going... show more

Best answer: True

Best answer: It must be hidden or the consequences will be very serious

I have a drug test on the 12th of this month. It’s the 2nd. My bf was a huge stoner for a long time and he swears by this detox drink so he bought it for me. I’ve never had to worry about passing a drug test since I just recently starting smoking in September. He and i shared about 14 blunts between september and... show more

Best answer: I am not a Trump supporter at all but I feel that the Late Night Talk Shows and the media in general are being far too harsh on him

What are you having for supper?

12 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Chicken tacos on hard corn tortilla shells, topped with my version of green chile sauce made with Hatch green chile. Yummy - yum - yum. It's about 1:15 pm where I'm at, I should get that chicken going in the next couple of hours or so.