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Best answer: Why would you care what 'everyone' tells you? Do they all work for the NYC Ballet, by any chance? You've got to learn to stand up for yourself and follow your OWN path. Even if you NEVER happen to solo in London, you will improve your balance, your posture, and get some excellent exercise. Win-win.

Best answer: I believe you may mean modern dance. In terms of ballet there is classical, romantic and neoclassical ballet. Modern (or even Contemporary dance) and ballet are not the same thing. Recreational dance is for anyone of any age. I recommend you look for a codified modern dance training such as Martha Graham, Limon or... show more

Have you ever watched ballet?

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Best answer: Yes, I love ballet. Theophile Gautier is my favorite author, he wrote the libretto for Giselle with Carlotta Grisi in mind, and his Omphale story was made into Pavillon d'Armide. Tchaikovsky's ballets are my favorite, Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker.

I miss dance?

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I miss being a dancer, I used to do freestyle but gave it up, wish I didn’t because I wouldn’t be as unfit or chubby as I am now and definitely have more confidence, problem is now I’m 19, I’m a lot more insecure about my body and face and feel ugly, feel like I would be judged by other dancers, I know you are... show more

Sab audition results?

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I just finished my sab audition for their summer intensive in the 16-18 y/o age group, and since I pre-registered, my results are due to come in around a week. I actually feel pretty good about how I did (considering some random circumstances that I thought were going to hold me back a ton), but I did make some... show more

Near Clifton , Paterson or Passaic . I can’t find anything or everything is too expensive

I’m 15, and have been fairly depressed for a few years, i’ve always called my self talentless etc because i am. And i’m sick of it! ITS 2019! ITs time for me to stop being so lazy and depressing and try fix my life whilst i can! i leave school in 2020.. so not much time is left. I’m not flexible at all. I cant even... show more

How do you form a tap dance troupe?

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Best answer: you could try advertising it

Sab audition details?

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Best answer: Unless things have recently changed, it will be en pointe. They look for body, facility and musicality. If you were born in that small group that has all the right gifts for ballet along with good solid training you should be fine. You don’t necessarily have to have prior Balanchine training as long as your... show more

Best answer: Most people don’t know what real pole dancing is and think it is only in strip clubs. I know what you are talking about and it is far from being sexual. Just like most people think Mormon’s don’t dance and we all know that isn’t true either. I suggest you share a video of competition pole dancers and see what... show more

Things to say during a slow dance?

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Slow dances can be awkward if you have nothing to say. Any pointers?

How to practice dancing at home?

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How to practice dancing at home for a hobby? I can do fortnite dances and teach me how to dougie and the Carlton dance and the Michael Jackson moon walk and whip nae nae . I want to get better at dancing for fun.

What do I do now?

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I love dancing I can t afford dance lessons I am self taught My mother yells at me when I dance because apparently it sounds like I m "about to fall through the ceiling" I can t dance downstairs because there s not enough space and i can t concentrate with people around What do I do now?

Best answer: In one way you are an adult, but in another way you are acting as a child, so which is it? You profess ignorance and trouble calling up this dance studio to get the information you need. Why is that? You sound like a child that doesn't know how to use a telephone. But then you want to be a big girl, and be... show more

I am more of a contemporary/alternative kind of dancer. Lyrical is fine and some jazz is too but I prefer something that has different dynamics such as soft to hard, or smooth beats to harsh beats. Please no hiphop because I am bad at it. I also don't want anything that's main stream like Ed Sheeran.... show more

I mean since they are so racist, homogenous, and anti-immigrant maybe they deserve a taste of their own medicine.

Hey y’all ive attached some pics of me im 16 and ive just started lol ik im too old but oh well

Best answer: The truth is real training doesn’t start until age 7/8 when both mind and body are mature enough. That being said age 5 is a way to start in pre-ballet classes to get them used to the idea of taking a dance class. Real ballet training doesn’t start until age 7/8 when dancers can start to engage and hold their... show more