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How can i showbof my curves?

14 answers · 2 days ago
i am a petite girl and i have a pear shaped body. my curves are one of my favourite features and i wanna show them off. how can i?

i see old photos i see girls wearing skirts and dresses covering full legs and arms so how do did short clothes become fashionable

Is she wearing panties?

12 answers · 4 days ago

Are these kind of outfits trashy?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No, it s just a short top and jeans. I think that look is laid back and cute and that outfit gives off a palm beach/rodeo drive/cote d azur type vibe. Casual and beach town without being at the beach, endless summer, and wealthy but trying to look not too wealthy. If a girl has the shape then why now? If I were... show more

Best answer: False. 32 is not that old.

What outfit would she look cute in?

27 answers · 5 days ago

I’m 16 years old, and I recently lost both of my earrings, I plan on getting new ones but how long does the hole stay open? I’ve been wearing the earrings and gotten the hole for 7 months.

I just realized all of my shoes are black, and I have 10 pair... Is it a waste of money?

Is her outfit and boots amazing?

5 answers · 2 hours ago

Best answer: People are dupes.

Best answer: no it isn't

I have my availability strictly for 4:30-11PM only and it says that on the avaibility section on the wire but yet I get scheduled 8:30AM-4PM