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Best answer: Yes, I think so :)

Best answer: Because he is an unstable genius. Wait.... One word doesn'tt belong there. And it isn't genius.

I am 21, losing my hair very fast, it looks like I will be bald by 25 or 26. What type of clothes will suit me then ? Right now I wear t-shirts which makes me look boyish. But after I become bald, should I switch to formal shirts to look more matured ? Any ideas ?

So I basically want to go into Victoria's Secret because I want to get a new bra, panties, and a PINK perfume. I am a little nervous walking into there because I know it is a store for "Adults" but is it still okay if I go in there. I look like I am 16 but I really am 13. Will people look at me weird?

My grandfather gave me this watch and I think it is probably fake. The glass was broken and I had to replace it thats why there is no magnification. IF its fake is it obvious? what are the dead giveaways to the naked eye when wearing it? it has a sentimental value so regardless if fake or not I won't throw it... show more

No offence but im no mom Im single, plain and pale

How can I sharpen my scissors?

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It's a cheap pair, the ones you get from 99 cent stores, safety scissors. It was okay when I first bought it, but now everytime I try to cut paper, the side of the paper is always kind of fuzzy...

I really like Ariana Grande as a style icon and one of my favourite styles from her is her oversized hoodies and thigh high boots. I want to dress cute like that but I am afraid I am too tall to pull it off. She is 5'0 and I am 5'7. Are there any tips for me to try and pull off this style and any good... show more

Whats the best place to buy jeans?

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Can I wear this at a wedding?

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Best answer: Sure. Strap on some heels and go.

Best answer: Take a day off from hanging out with your friends one night after asking your mother if she'll take you shopping for bras on one of those nights. Just one night of not hanging out with your friends won't hurt, just tell them you had something to do or something of the like.

Sweat feet in Hunter Boots?

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I live in Vancouver where it rains a lot. I have class from 8 am until 4 pm, and throughout the day my feet get really sweaty especially sitting through hours and hours of lecture, when I get home my socks (100 percent cotton) are soaking wet! Is this normal??!! Do other girls have the same problem??!!!

Best answer: i dont think people can always tell unless you tell thenn

I ve been bugging my parents to get me a white gold Cartier Love bracelet and they came back and bought me a gold one. How disappointing is that.

i have to wear this dress in 4 hours.

How do I learn how to sew?

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