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Or is he just their token black guy?

Poll do you love flowers?

88 answers · Garden & Landscape · 6 days ago
Best answer: Yes, there's something magical about them.

How often do you vacuum your home?

25 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 4 days ago

How can I cheaply rid my garden of weeds without having to dig it up?

12 answers · Garden & Landscape · 21 hours ago

you know,,,,just "helping you out" because he thought they were diseased why?>

How often do you wash your curtains?

11 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 1 day ago

Do you like to dust and clean your home?

9 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 13 hours ago

What is the best way to move my new washing machine into my basement?

9 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 1 day ago
Best answer: Obviously, paying the store to deliver is the smart way to go. That way, you aren't responsible if your expensive new washer gets damaged. Okay, I get it...you're going to do it yourself. There are a couple of options. Renting an appliance dolly makes the most sense, but you can probably make do with... show more

Is worth the money to hire a professional organizer?

7 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 15 hours ago
My wife wants to hire a professional organizer to come in and help finish arranging our home. We've working at for a year, but my wife seems more and more stressed by the simplest things. She thinks that if we can get everything organized once and for all, we will much better able to keep it up. I'm not so... show more

Do you think gardening is good for your health?

14 answers · Garden & Landscape · 3 days ago

How do you get rid of fleas in your home?

19 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 4 days ago

Best answer: No. Like all things they may conk out, but the level of improvement has stopped since 900 to 1000w models came out. Early models with painted interiors do go a bit manky, but the stainless steel ones seem to go on forever. The magnetron has a finite life but many manufacturers offer ten years on that, so it is... show more

Is it possible to turn a gas fireplace into a wood burning fireplace?

6 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 9 hours ago

Can I machine wash a goose feather pillow?

7 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 11 hours ago
I know the directions say to just use a cloth but this thing is so yellow from years of sweat

I am just thinking to install a shower in my shed which has plywood walls. The water heater I am going to get is a 5.5kw tankless from Home Depot. The manual says the heater must be installed in a place away from flammable objects. I don't think plywood is flammable, but it is uncoated wood that can be burnt.... show more

Is it too early to hang up stalkings?

8 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 1 day ago
I am trying to get my husband to get out the stalkings. It's already starting to turn off cold and I can't get the holidays out of my conscious. Is it too early for stalkings?

How do I get this residue off? I'm using sunlight dish soap and so far after every attempt my breakfast has had a soapy lemony taste. Is there a dish soap that won't cause this residue?