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Do you like Scotland?

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Backstory. Since i was 13 i was partially blind. (Left eye) And the following 13 yrs has been nothing but Dissapointment. Heart break and spiralling depression. I finally had the balls as a man to say **** it. Im gong to take my own life tonight. No this is not a plea for attention or a elaborate troll.. Im gonna... show more

Best answer: A vet can easily tell the age by looking at the teeth and size. If you take the kitten to the vet, they can tell you. If it's a few weeks, it might eat some formula and canned food. If it's a few months, it would eat normal cat food. It is very kind of you to help this kitty. It will love you bunches. show more

Best answer: It will just deteriorate & turn to dirt/dust. Dig a hole, spade wide, 1 1/2' to 2' deep, toss in, shovel in, drop in...... it will hold lots of poop but cover it up before it gets half way full. Find some kind of lid to put over hole, keep flies out & odor gone. Good fertilizer if you are growing... show more

Suggest some names for new pet- corgi dog?

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How to introduce my cat to my turtle?

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Can you keep two dogs in the same crate?

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How do remove cat urine and smell from a room?

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My roommate s parents are in the middle of moving, and his cat s been with us for the last two months during the move (was just supposed to be one, but stuff happened). Old Lady Cat has been locked in his room because she doesnt tolerate my kitten. So she s been locked up in the same room for two months. And the... show more

We're not so sure The lawyer said that it's a risk taken with the job and he's not responsible. Being bitten by a dog on private property is different than being bitten by a dog in a public place where the owner assumes full responsibility?

Is Black Ice a cool name for a black cat?

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I think the name is cool, so I’m curious on what you think!

How Do I Cure My Dog s Depression?!?

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My dog is usually this fun, loving, cuddly, and fluffy pooch that loves his food and his naps. He would grab his chew toy whenever he wanted to play. Now he s just a fluff in the corner. My dog is 4 years old, and he was this happy dog. A little over a year ago, we got a new dog because my kids needed to stay... show more

I was taking care of my aunts dogs when I was madturbating in my room I let the fluids go on the sheets and when I went to go to the bathroom to grab things to clean it up before I was gonna throw the sheets in the wash the dog beat me to it and licked a little bit it was a accident and I didint want them to do it... show more

What is a good dog breed for apartment life?

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I'm looking to get a dog in the next month or two for my girlfriend and I. I'm hoping to get something that doesn't bark a lot, or has quiet barks like a bulldog or something like that. Add-on question, Should I adopt from a shelter or buy, and if the answer is shelter, should I go with a puppy, adult... show more

Why can cats only say meow?

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Is there anyway i can get her to love me ? Or is it too late

Best answer: You really need to KEEP treating the dog, via a vet's help. And if you are not or have NOT been collecting and picking up your dog's feces (in your own yard) this needs to start => or the dog could easily be, becoming recontaminated from the soil or in some cases from licking its own butt if giardia... show more