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Is this all just a strange coincidence?

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Nikki Haley resigns without explanation ahead of midterms. Don McGahn resigns ahead of midterms. Rod Rosenstein tells WSJ the American people will have confidence the Mueller probe was warranted. Hmmm....

If not, why not? She is a woman, after all. Shouldn't she be believed?

Best answer: IT'S ALL TRUMP'S FAULT.

Describe Melania Trump in one word?

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Best answer: < crickets >

Trump copied things out of some of those titles into his plan to lower drug prices (Title V and Title VII). Republicans generally only found fault with Title I. In all honesty, at times they complains about 7 of the 44 sections of Title II, and they complained a little about Title IX. As far as the greatest... show more

Why are white people in denial about white privilege?

69 answers · Politics · 14 hours ago
Best answer: They don't want to face the facts

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American?

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Describe Hillary Clinton in 3 words?

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Were you embarrassed by Obama while he was President?

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Best answer: Its not crazy its completely understandable and i wish i done it. He's presidency is utterly depressing and i have been very depressed myself the last couple of years. The good news is that were less then three weeks away from the midterms and Democrats may take control of the House of representatives. The... show more

Have you ever been falsely accused of racism?

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Do you think gay marriage should be banned in USA?

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He’s a straight truth talker and quite honestly, he’s a winner. Stock markets booming Job numbers are fantastic America is respected again because our military might is nothing to mess with now that we have adequate funding to military men and women I can’t think of anything Trump did wrong as president... show more

Best answer: Nothing was achieved or invented "as a race" A few whiteskinned people invented races to justify colonialism and slavery, and too many believed the fairytale. The fact that humans alive today do not come in races has been known since the 1950's