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I need exploratory essay Topics?

7 answers · Politics · 3 days ago
Best answer: What is a family? How has what constitutes a family changed in the past century? Is a pet part of a family? Should human cloning be illegal? Should organ donation be an “opt out” instead of “opt in” process? Monogamous vs. polygamous marriages Is cheerleading a sport? Which matters more in sports - talent or... show more

Are not border walls essential to the Green New Deal?

8 answers · Immigration · 11 hours ago
Won't US citizens try to go to Mexico or Canada to catch flights once aviation is banned in the US?

Best answer: There are few reasons. One is that building the wall would be a huge accomplishment for Trump making it enormously difficult for any dem to beet him in 2020. The other reason is that the dems aren't really for the poor. Instead they're more concerned with corporations which are the bulk of the... show more

I'm from the UK so here I don't know what it's like. Plus we think he's a joke here.

Who calls a 'national emergency' then goes golfing?

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Should immigrants be forced to learn English ?

250 answers · Politics · 4 days ago

Why shouldn’t the border wall be built?

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What percentage of white people owned slaves?

21 answers · Politics · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Less than 2%. Also 1% of the blacks were slave owners as well.

Best answer: Yes. It also encourages irresponsibility and child abuse.

If Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and still Trump Organization leader Donald Trump have something in common it's their lust for exploiting poor and socially disadvantaged peoples for labor. Dave Letterman already exposed Trump Organization sweatshops throughout Southeast Asia used to manufacture clothes for Trump's... show more

Best answer: If Clinton had become POTUS it is very possible that this world would no longer exist because she intended to create a 'No Fly' zone around Syria. I can assure you that the Russians would have none of that and the next step would be all out war between Russia and the USA and of course it would ensnare a... show more

What is your favorite '80s song?

32 answers · Politics · 11 hours ago
Best answer: The '80s is from 2080-2089 so there are no songs from the '80s. It is NOT the same as the 1980s, which means 1980-1989.