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Seems they all believe any old crap that attempts to debunk climate change

All the predictions by climatologists have been pretty accurate and getting more so as our technology and understanding of it and the past improves, and any accusation such as the emails scandal or data manipulation has been categorically debunked. They have nothing and climate conditions are getting... show more

Best answer: Will you look who are now the deniers. They are denying that Gore ever said it. Ha! Ha! Ha! We went over that a long time ago and we had many many presentations where predicted the end of ice at the North pole. And the time he predicted ranges from 2014 to 2030. Just look it up. Enter 'Al Gore ice free' in... show more

Their is domoic acid plaguing crabs. Coral reeves are denigrating and something clearly acidic is causing this acidification in the ocean. So why would a group of fishermen wanna sue the oil companies and why would a climate scientist become a scientist just to skew facts? What makes oil companies more believable... show more

What will happen when we run out of plastic?

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Tax global warmers for warming the globe.?

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After 30 years it is wearing a bit thin

How do we stop climate change?

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Best answer: In an ideal world, yes. But in an ideal world we wouldn't have to either. Globalism is going to happen, people will try to make money legally or illegally, this is true under communism, capitalism or anything in between. Furthermore, corruption is rife everywhere, even in Ontario Canada we see the newly... show more

Was Venus destroyed by Venusian Republicans?

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Best answer: https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/sltren... At 0.73 feet per hundred years, It is never going to happen.

Best answer: Don't plants/tree use it to grow, and in exchange give off oxygen, like a giant converter ?

If i see one more showerstall question im gonna what?

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Best answer: Lord corgi will appear

Will California go under water due to climate?

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Best answer: Nope

Why do conservatives hate our environment so much?

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Best answer: I don't think they do, I'm sure they'd love to have as pristine an environment as much as anyone else. However, many feel that making money is more important than anything else. They also suffer from a very large disconnect between their rhetoric (which they LOVE) and objective reality. If objective... show more

would you really want your daughter in a swimsuit around young boys?