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Can I have sex inside my 03 Honda Element?

19 answers · Hanoi · 9 hours ago
It's pretty roomy in here.

Why has East Asian countries never been colonised?

12 answers · Other - Asia Pacific · 2 days ago

How many shirts do you own?

14 answers · Polls & Surveys · 13 hours ago

Look what Obama did in Syria, Libya, etc as a Muslim I know your kind is hypocritical and rotten so acting like lil social warriors all of a sudden. Americans, please vote conservative again next time things are much better now under Trump.

Im moving across country. Any tips?

12 answers · Other - United States · 16 hours ago
I am a 19 yr old female and for the record Im 4’11” so Im pretty small. Next year I will be moving from California to New York alone and I will have family there so Im set in that sense. However I would like tips on driving there what I should avoid, where should I sleep, etc. Also I would not like to sleep at... show more

Am I too late to travel to Europe?

7 answers · Other - Europe · 3 days ago
Best answer: Do you really think that you will find refugees visiting the historical places, the tourist attractions, and the cultural venues or eating in the restaurants in Europe? Most inhabitants in Europe have seen refugees only on television Visit Europe and enjoy your trip. The world travel... show more

Racism aside, is Western Europe doing good right now?

8 answers · Other - Europe · 11 hours ago

‘Blatant racism’: White women tried to smear black man as a pedophile for ‘gardening while black’

What percent of English people are British people?

9 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 17 hours ago
Best answer: There's no such thing as 'English' citizenship - you get a British passport. So all 'citizens' of England are British citizens.

The European Central Bank is heavily indebted to the Bank of England, as are the central banks of Italy, Spain and Greece. We have been refinancing their debts ad infinitum, it is unlikely we will ever be fully repaid so if they want to play a game of chicken then lets put all of our cards on the table. The UK is... show more

Do French people really wear berets a lot in the cities?

14 answers · Other - France · 2 days ago
Best answer: Not that I've noticed on my occasional visits to Paris over the years. Cannot say what the rest of France is like in terms of the 'French Beret' which became so popular that the British Army began wearing them and then over time the US Army too. Sample US Army Rangers... show more

Best answer: The corrupt think they are owed loyalty. It's nothing new. The conservative model of governance is really aristocracy; rich people are better than you - they rule and you have nothing to say, peasant. If they are corrupt, what business is that of yours, peasant? Conservatism in America today represents... show more

How will Australia cope under "Minority Morrison"?

8 answers · Other - Australia · 18 hours ago
It looks like we are going back to the disastrous Gillard years of Minority government today, How will Australia cope?

How to survive a 14 hour long flight?

39 answers · Air Travel · 6 days ago

Best answer: You have to be joking. Who really would want someone in charge who said that he wanted to be a tampon

Aussies. You wish that you are Royalty?

10 answers · Other - Australia · 2 days ago
Best answer: Australia is boring everything that's fun is illegal because the government don't want to pay costs for people getting hurt or sick ,can't pay for sex,can't drink to much ,cant retire till 70 ,can't buy smokes without being plain packing, can't do anything fun anymore won't legalize weed... show more