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I want to move to Japan.?

20 answers · Japan · 2 days ago

Why would any sensible person do something so ridiculous and stupid? Is this the best the atheists have? Don't they know it amounts to nothing? Does this explain why the atheists whine and complain, and get desperate and insecure a lot?

The child is not even born yet. The child's gender is not even known yet. And yet, despite all that. the child is already more famous than YOU. The child is already more known than YOU. Does this upset you? Are you ashamed of yourself?

When will Prince George get married already?

16 answers · Royalty · 2 days ago
I can't wait until Prince George gets married. So i can see who the future Queen of England will be. I also can't wait to see women throwing themselves at Prince George's feet. Just like they did with Prince Charles and Prince william. I also can't wait to see the story about the marriage. I... show more

Can you bring candy on a plane?

9 answers · Air Travel · 8 hours ago
I'm traveling from Ottawa to Vegas and I want to order candy from candyfunhouse and bring some to snack on while I'm flying. Can I bring it on my carry on or do they not allow outside food?

Should i move to florida or las vegas?

9 answers · Las Vegas · 1 day ago

Best answer: Old rails only get picked up when it's worth it to assemble a crew, car and crane. Usually that's only every few years. It does no harm and may slow down ballast erosion.

Were the ancient Hebrews black?

13 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Make a wish?

11 answers · Da Lat · 1 day ago

My dream is to become royalty?

12 answers · Royalty · 2 days ago
How would I attain this Goal. I can think of one way have about 9 children. Become a business man and marry a rich women. Or find a women who is a member of a ruling class. Become a spiritual leader a social media influencer or become a dictator.

Do Cabin Crew mind if guests ask for photos? :)?

7 answers · Air Travel · 11 hours ago
My friend and I are planning a year of travel from Australia within the next few years (Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, South America & South Africa) and I was wondering if Cabin crew mind being asked for a photo with us at the end of the flight?! Sounds silly, but we want to document our trip and try to get... show more

Best answer: Yes obviously. The man is about to die. The boy is the future King. And has his whole life ahead of him to look forward to. The man may be upset about it, but he knows that there's nothing that he can do about it.

I heard that the real Prince Philip is long dead and the guy that's there now is an imposter. Is this true? Come to think about it, the guy now looks nothing like the young Prince Philip.

Best answer: The taxpayers of course.

Is he overweight?

5 answers · Carilo · 20 hours ago
Best answer: Those donuts that were orbiting his waist, did you photoshop those out?

How can I pee in India without being raped?

9 answers · Other - India · 1 day ago
I've been wanting to travel to India for a vacation. I've heard over 700 million Indians don't have toilets, which is fine, I've been camping before too. What worries me is that I've heard that hundreds of Indian women get raped when urinating without a toilet. So, if there aren't enough... show more

I m going from Ottawa to vegas but we stop in Toronto for just over 2 hours. Can I leave the airport to see someone i know in Toronto while I wait? Or do i have to stay in a certain area?