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When is a laptop considered to old to be of any good use?

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Best answer: ANTIFA members are unhinged savages suffering from extreme mental issues. One of them even stabbed an innocent police horse.

Which anti virus is the best?

6 answers · Security · 2 days ago

Could my phone be hacked?

27 answers · Security · 5 days ago
So I got this very strange email from someone saying they hacked into my phone, took all of my contacts, and took a video of me from my phone watching porn. Well he said if I didn’t send him $800 in bitcoin within 3 days he was going to send that video to all of my contacts. And he provided a link, which I did NOT... show more

Do you still use Facebook ?

15 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
Best answer: I deleted my accounts. I see many scammers, bad people and useless friendships.

Should I let people know I have hidden security cameras at my home? That way if someone tries to break in they know they’re being recorded or should I just stay quite??! The reason why I’m asking is because someone that knows me well broke in to my house a couple of months ago. I don’t know who it was, I just know... show more

How long can a computer work?

8 answers · Other - Computers · 15 hours ago
i have an old commodore 64 from the 80s (im not sure what year it was made in) but still works fine, i know new computers have different hardware than old ones, do older computers last longer than new ones? is there an estimate of this? could the commodore 64 work for a 100 years or more or is that too much?

Youtube is from Google? Right?

8 answers · Google · 16 hours ago

Can I add two 8gb ram sticks that are exactly the same?

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Best answer: They don't like to hear anything not vetted and approved by the DNC-Media-Complex Ministry of Truth.

I can't remember my wifi password?

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Best answer: Mueller holds the facts. Buzzfeed got it wrong. If Buzzfeed hasn't published a retraction by tomorrow and fired the person responsible in the next few days, they will never be considered better than National Enquirer again.

Who is your favorite youtuber and why?

12 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
I'm trying to find new youtubers to watch.

Why do i keep getting notifications from websites?

8 answers · Security · 3 days ago
One is called zme science, its so annoying, and other sites too, i don't know how to stop it, one guy told me to install malware bites, which i did, but it doesn't really do anything.

My old friend Tara won’t talk to me.?

12 answers · Friends · 6 days ago
Best answer: I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do. Let her go and move on.

Is PNY a good brand for flash drives?

7 answers · Other - Hardware · 2 days ago
they are MUCH cheaper than Sandisk

Best answer: the ONLY thing i use Yahoo for is Answers now. and Answers doesn't work quite as well as it used to. especially on portable devices! if i could cut that cord (provided Google's worked better) i gladly would. don't let loyalty blind you from choosing a better option. Yahoo Answers hasn't... show more