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Do I need google and intenet explorer?

33 answers · Google · 2 weeks ago

I moved into a new apartment. When my internet installation guy came he said there was no way to install internet since my unit didnt have the proper cable ports. At some point the complex completely plastered over where they were running the wiring before. So I can't get proper wi-fi without having work done... show more

Need help to get back with my Facebook?

13 answers · Facebook · 2 weeks ago

Why did Al Gore invent the internet?

19 answers · Other - Internet · 2 weeks ago

My son died on 8/16/18. An aquaintance of his has his phone and is posting very offensive things on his facebook account. How can I stop this?

What video games do you Atheists play?

16 answers · Other - Internet · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: World of Warcraft, Sim City 4, and The Binding of Isaac are the only games I play regularly. I keep tabs on the indie game scene and generally knock out about one of those a month (The Swapper, Cuphead...etc.) I'll play a mainstream title if it looks interesting (Wolfenstein: New Colossus was the last one),... show more

Can you get me to gmail?

6 answers · Google · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Nope. You will need the rights holder's expressed (NF Real Music, LLC in this case) permission in order to use the song regardless if it is for commercial use or not. This is the whole point of copyright (e.g. the right to "copy", which has been contorted to mean, the right to use). Typically, a... show more

Best answer: Whoever took the picture either just did not bother adding location data, messed up trying to add it, or deliberately withheld it.

Need help to get my facebook?

6 answers · Facebook · 2 weeks ago

I forgot my facebook password?

6 answers · Facebook · 2 weeks ago

Is there a FREE way to stop YouTube ads?

12 answers · YouTube · 3 weeks ago
I posted this question but it got deleted because nobody answered. I'm on a tight budget as I'm already on payment plans and I just want a free way to get rid of YouTube ads because some of the same ones repeat themselves and they sometimes cause the video to stop working. I live in England in the UK so I... show more


34 answers · Google · 3 weeks ago

Does anyone else keep getting random pokes from clearly fake girl accounts on facebook? As well as friend requests. Is there any way I can limit or stop these? I've gotten 4 over the last few days. Thanks.

Facebook- can you see who’s looking you up?

8 answers · Facebook · 3 weeks ago
So this is going to sound weird. I have suffered mental health problems for a long time and my doctor has been very supportive, and I often find I look at his Facebook profile which somehow gives me a sense of comfort. I never like or comment on anything at all, but I have noticed that over time the privacy... show more

Could someone tell me how to do this please?

6 answers · Facebook · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: On the Photo Press on it then Hit Save image then go to your Email and Hit the Paperclip Icon and then Select the Photo from your Phone