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Make create build for "website"?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm learning English. I want to know the proper verb for "website". Which is the best? 1. I made a website. 2. I created a website. 3. I built a website. And are there any differencies them? or same?

also known as computer programming like which schools, academy, jobs pay to teach coding?

preferably making around $4,000-$6000 a month

Best answer: Github is a website that offers source control management using GIT. Alternatively a company can also purchase the Github software and host their own internal server. Even if your father has never used GIT, if he's done any professional programming he's used some sort of source control. There's a... show more

Why is it that only a selected few of them manage to make it up to the billions? People like Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Why only so little programmers ever make it to the high end millions or billions? I know the question is weird.

Best answer: Computers have always been critical to the space program. They're used to calculate the navigational data for spacecraft to travel millions of miles and land on a comet with pinpoint accuracy. They're used in space probes to make them increasingly self driving and self sufficient, as well as driving the... show more

My bank supposedly improved their website. All of the work I previously did to set up external bank accounts for transfers was wiped out and now has to be redone. I have a recurring monthly payment set up, and wanted to edit the amount for just one month. In the previous version I could do that, in the new... show more

Hello im new to python?

3 answers · 4 weeks ago
i'm new to python and have downloaded the latest version 3.7 from and pycharm2018.2 i have downloaded an app from github but have no idea how to use it or run it when i do $ pip install serialconect error happens in pycharm and IDLE

Best answer: Do you have to be a good painter to get a job as a painter? Do you have to be a good cook to get a job as a cook? If someone gets C's in programming classes, why would he/she want to apply for a job as a programmer? Perhaps your uncle owns the company and is willing to give you such a job. All jobs have... show more

Best answer: It's called Input/Output. So rather than accessing memory, your computer will have locations that read inputs or write outputs. So start by thinking about your keyboard; it's just an array of press to connect switches, in the off position they read as "0" and when pressed they read as... show more

How to make an AI?

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Best answer: Hi Chloe. HTML isn't a programming language, it's a markup language. If you want to make any kind of Artificial Intelligence, you'll need to learn a programming language. Python is considered a good choice for learning programming. Good luck!

I'm tired of malicious movers, so this would be helpful, but I don't know where to find such a thing. Any ideas?

I completely know python


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