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Best answer: This may be helpful

I'm using Wordpad on Windows 10.

I have multiple folders with files in them and I wanna put all of them in one folder and zip it to send by e mail but I want it to be seen that there are folders and you can open them one at a time to see the files in them. How would I do this?

Best answer: There was a Windows 9 but Microsoft deemed it so bad they never even attempted to announce it so they went straight to 10. I don't know whatever happened to the team that was working on 9 though because as far as 10 is right now, I'm pretty sure, they weren't that far behind.

Best answer: Enclosed link is information on Word Click the Office button in top left hand corner Click word options Check proofing tab Check "Spelling as you type" Check grammar with spelling Uncheck hide spelling errors in this document

Hi, so my school has Logic Pro on their Macs and apparently there is a way for students to access it for free at home but we have to work it out ourselves and I've been searching on the internet for hours and I have no idea how to do it. Does anyone know how I could get it?

Best answer: Simple, simple, simple, and high quality. Make text large, in an easy to read font, and short. Just a few bullet points at a time. Leave plenty of air in your design, to help it breathe. No clutter. Do have a consistent visual theme (such as company design language, school colors), but avoid the factory... show more

Best answer: The answer maybe surprisingly is YES those updates are available for download. They don't and won't write any new ones (obviously) but so far you can still get the Win XP updates as far as I know. Might be a good question to go on the Microsoft Forum and ask there.

Best answer: No. The same also applies to any of the other streaming services out there. Once you end your subscription/free trial, you loose everything you had with it. Streaming services simply give you a license to listen to the content; you don't own anything. Additionally, if you downloaded the music to your phone,... show more

Best answer: Good question: to be very honest, it would not be in Microsoft's interest to put a backdoor in its software and have someone find out and kill their reputation (even if i would not be suprised, looking at how Microsoft changed its business plan to sell your data). I'd consider it safe, but if you dont trust... show more