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What do you think about PlayStation 5?

15 answers · PlayStation · 6 days ago

Best answer: JW is very insular and run by small committee. And that committee changes over the generations and with the era. Mormonism is very similar. They were overtly racist (as JW were) until they realized they needed more numbers. Suddenly it wasn't evil to have dark skin anymore and their racist language was redacted... show more

Can Xbox one play games from older consoles?

4 answers · Xbox · 5 days ago
I'm interested in getting a Xbox one or Xbox one X. Would like to know of if I have to replace the games from older consoles or if it'll play older games. Like how the Wii U can play orginal wii games.

Cant get email on my pc?

5 answers · PC · 6 days ago

Best answer: Likely as part of the deal Disney made with Sony when they included SPider-Man in Civil War and Infinity War. They negotiated and came to an agreement, and part fo that deal could have been Playstation exclusive games.

Best answer: INSTRUCTIONS UNCLEAR: ORDER BANANA? Generally when you ask about finding a gaming PC, a CRITICAL ITEM that many people will want to know is WHAT YOUR TARGET BUDGET IS? Without this information, you're going to get a vast range of systems that vary between cheap, but seriously underpowered to overhyped system... show more

How overpraised is the PlayStation 4?

5 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago
Best answer: The problem is, you seem to care more about people's opinion than the products themselves. Does it really matter if someone says X is better than Y or complains when Y does something but not when X does the same thing? No it doesn't, as long as you enjoy the products and the games then that's all that... show more

Best answer: That's the main reason.

Best answer: I would say go for the switch, but be aware - there is rumblings of a new switch coming out shortly, if it's Switch 2 or Switch Lite we're not sure but something is coming. So I would say wait until you know what it's going to be and then buy either a discounted switch (because they'll be trying to... show more

How old were you when you had a ps2?

13 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I think I got my first ps2 in 2002 I was 15 years old had that for about 10 years sold it and bought another one recently

I'm trying to find a name for this thing that Google cant understand.?

8 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 2 weeks ago
It's a green flat board looking thing that goes into devices like remotes, game controllers, computers, etc to make them work. And after that Im trying to find out how to find if there is any damage done to them physically. Whether it be water damage or something cut. I'm trying to look into a Joy-con and I... show more

Best answer: Legal issues (regarding copyright & software piracy) not withstanding, there's currently NO viable PS4 emulators available at this time & will highly unlikely to become available in the foreseeable future. The main reason is that the PS4 is highly specialized hardware with proprietary encoding that... show more

How can I make this stop?

Best answer: Which way is the airflow through the CPU cooler radiator? The fans should be oriented to take the CPU heat straight out of the case. Some makers instructions say they should blow inward for some reason - that's daft, it does away with all the advantage of a liquid cooler, which is to keep the CPU heat away... show more

What gaming platform is more common, Pc or console?