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Best answer: great, great, great grandmother = 100% great, great grandparent = 50% (1/2) great grandparent = 25% (1/4) grandparent = 12.5% (1/8) parent = 6.25% (1/16) You = 3.125% (1/32)

I live in NYC and it seems like most people here are either immigrants are the parents of immigrants. How many people in the US actually have ancestry that does not trace back to another country but in fact in the US? I am talking about Slaves and white farmers that have descendantes to this day.

So, my great grandparents were Yemenis however my grandparents and my parents were born in Somalia and me and my siblings were born in Kenya. What does that make me?

Best answer: You are not your ancestors.......... so you are American and potentially have ancestors from elsewhere, start with yourself and your own records which are at home and research back one generation at a time from those real records which prove the connection of ancestry eg ypour own birth cert proves your parents as... show more

Best answer: 6 million years ago is the best estimate for bipedalism. I don't think your generation count would be even close though since it is an average based on present day humans. There would be many more generations every 1000 years for early humans. We know that there are big differences counting generations among... show more

Best answer: You might be able to get answers via a DNA test through or 23andme. But it's not a blood test. They send you a vial for your saliva, which you then mail back to them. It takes about six weeks to get test results. It will give you a result that indicates where your ancestors came from. It's not... show more

My Italian surname is Crescenzi which is prominent in the Lazio region of Italy. From my own research I found that it was once a noble family from Rome from which even some popes came. Is it possible that I am a descendant or relative to this family.

Best answer: they would be your nieces and nephews

I have a Nahuatl last name, but because I know many tribes in central Mexico used the Nahuatl language, I have no way of knowing which specific tribe I came from. Family history isn't helping me and neither is Google. Even when I try to look into the history of my area, too many native tribes are named to be of... show more

I’m trying to research information about my grandmother who passed away in the 1950’s. Her children were too young to remember her or to have much information about her. I tried but it appears that mispellings of her name is the biggest issue at hand. All I know is her birth date and that she divorced... show more

Best answer: Yes, he is. So WHAT if the boy came on to him? Do you perform oral sex on everybody who comes on to you? Because in my experience it really isn't that hard not to take a penis in your mouth. Your boyfriend was the adult in that situation, it was up to him to refuse no matter how much the 14 year old came on... show more

How to find a death record?

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Best answer: Since you are his child, you can go to the Bureau of vital statistics in the county he died in and obtain a copy of his death certificate. Take your birth certificate and ID so they can verify you are a relative and therefore legally entitled to a copy of his death certificate. You will need to know his date of... show more

If you were a 60-year-old man in 2019, and your brother sadly passed away in the 1980's, with no kids....and in 2019, your daughter takes one of those ancestry DNA tests for fun, and finds out that your brother had an unknown adult child...would you want to know? Or would you rather keep that chapter (with your... show more