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Which is the sneakiest zodiac sign?

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What's your Zodiac sign?

8 answers · 9 hours ago
mine is March 15,When is yours?

Recently I had a fight with my Sagittarius girlfriend. I feel very down these days and maybe a little depressed so I needed some time at home, drinking hot chocolate, reading books, watching TV and being with my love. First we fought on my birthday (October 26, I am a Scorpio guy) because she wanted to organize a... show more

I don’t know what happened as I use to be so much more care free. But now I overthink to no end and I question myself about everything... I’ve become so much more anxiety prone and self absorbed after I graduated high school. I can’t exactly pinpoint what I’m feeling ideally but it’s like the realm of emotions is... show more


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what moon sign is the strongest?.

Most shallow to most deep zodiac?

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Best answer: Sagittarius is basically a fire version of the Aquarius

Do you like scopios?

14 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No

I am not talking about sexual attraction but mostly emotional and intellectual. I find them the best people to get along with, especially the women. For example, my Aries mother left me and my Sag aunt looked after me. The woman I love the most. My girlfriend is a Sagittarius too and she is the light of my life. I... show more

Gemini girl and Cancer boy?

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Best answer: Neither is. x Cheaters are users and usually have a personality disorder. From my exp Leo men can be like that (besides rooster and dragon), but a lot of men use others. Pisces are kind and usually they get used so they are empathetic. Aquarius is empathetic too. I have virgo moon and rising and Pisces descendant... show more

I’ve been getting into astrogly lately and trying to self-teach myself and I wanted to read your opinions and experiences :).

Best answer: I'm a Leo Moon woman and my supervisor is a Virgo Moon woman. We are best friends even though she is 18 years older than me. 💚 I have always got along very well with Virgo Moons.

Best answer: I think Virgo.