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Best answer: A warm honey, strawberry or or golden blonde will look stunning. Gold hair on deep colored skin is very striking. Same with golden browns and warm caramel browns. Stay away for cool ash browns and blondes. These colors can make darker skin look ashy and grey. I'm not a fan of burgundy (on any skin tone or... show more

I know that wearing your hair up in a regular ponytail is stressful for your hair but is a low ponytail bad too? Whenever I am home, I always wear a low ponytail (at the nape of my neck). I have noticed my hair is becoming gradually more and more thin so maybe tying it all the time is not a good idea? I can try... show more

Best answer: I loosely gather mine on top of my head w/ a claw clip as I can't stand it either (yeah weird for someone w/ such long hair) It also makes for easier brushing in the morning. If you want a little body you can also roll it on top of your head with a sock- just google how to roll hair on a sock) As long as you... show more

So I washed my hair yesterday and put mousse in it, I slept with my hair up.. and now my hair looks like very messy and puffy and frizzy, what do I do??? I only have an hour

How to get my hair to be not so dry?

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I've been trying to eat healthy, drink lots of water I'm shampooing and conditioning on the regular, and I'm even putting a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and honey in my hair once a week and my hair still feels dry. What do I do?

Half of my hair is a slightly lighter shade of brown from the top half which is dark brown. Its really not all that noticeable, I think... But should I still dye it to be safe?

Best answer: Perfectly normal. Girls actually have the same number of hairs as guys, but in most places they re finer. At 17 your hormones are at the highest levels they ll ever be, so some hairs show up. My daughter had hairy arms at 15. She hated it. She s 24 and, hormones having calmed down a bit, there are no hairs visible.

Because of this I don't shower until I need to wash my hair

I’m 17, and was always afraid to shave public and body hair because I didn’t know if guys my age were doing that yet. But I found out they were, so I plan to soon. But how much should I shave? I am really hairy there and on my butt, and it branches out in patches on thighs, the rest of my body hair is either... show more

My hair is above shoulder length in a bob. I got it permed 3 months ago and there’s been some breakage, because I commonly see shorter hairs falling out everytime I run my hands through my hair or on my pillow after I wake. I don’t see any split ends and my hair just breaks off in half as a whole, I think. I read I... show more

Should men dye their hair?

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Best answer: Do it. Try it once and see if you like it. I would get the easy wash-out kind first to make sure it's a color you like. The only time I think it's tragic when people dye their hair is if they are dying over natural hard to correct and get their hair back to its original shade and every redhead... show more

Will this restore my damaged hair?

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Best answer: "I’m 15 and all throughout my life I’ve been taught just to use shampoo and not conditioner. " I didn't use conditioner for 18 years, living in Asia, we also just used a bar of soap for washing our hair. Soap, is like gold there, we used it for laundry, dishes, everything for cleaning. The only times... show more

Will my hair dye be successful?

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Best answer: You can't dye it. Dye can only make you darker. So if you wanted to go all brown, you would use dye. You will need to bleach it. The healthiest way to do this is to get highlights, and gradually get more over time. If you want to, you can go blonde in just a day, but it is more harsh on your hair. ... show more

Hair thinning and breaking..?

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So last December I noticed my hair was breaking off midway down my head. Ever since then it has gotten thinner as well...I have been to the doctor and ask her about it and we did some blood work and I had som low levels but been taking supplements to help. Also, not been coloring my hair, doing hair treatments and... show more

I recently started dying my hair again, and I have dyed it 5-6 times in the past few week (3-4 weeks) and this time I started losing more hair than normal (for me). Will this stop before I lose all of my hair?