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Poll would you ever have breast implants?

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I can’t tell if my armpits smell?

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Just got my ears pierced about 4 hours ago.?

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I need to shower and I don’t know if I should take them out or leave them in since they are freshly pierced....

Bigger boobs?

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Best answer: There's no real natural way (other than getting pregnant, which may or may not be a permanent solution, and is probably not the best reason for doing so)

I'm try to get to new year's Eve without showering my hair is matted and has nitts but I have juice leaking from my ear

I just pierced it today it hurts badly

Why do woman who get breast implants get them so gigantic?

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Sex and acne connected?

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Best answer: Actually, they are. You have probably noticed that stress can increase acne outbreaks. On the other hand, sex can diminish them due to the effects of sex on hormones, blood circulation and antibodies.

Would you ever get a face tattoo?

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Best answer: No. Maybe one behind my ear or my lower neck.

Best answer: No one can tell you if it's worth it TO YOU, because we don't know you. Only YOU know if it's going to seem worth it or not. As for what I think of it, it's expensive, but in many cases can increase a person's self esteem.

Should I get my nipples pierced?

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I hear it's incredibly painful, but the pay off is that they feel amazing once healed. Should I go for it? What risks are there? BTW I am a 34DDD

Are belly button piercings appropriate for teenagers?

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Do you think a teenager is able/should be allowed to have something that will scar their body forever, could stretch during pregnancy and can be painful to have done?

What is your favorite tanning lotion?

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What is your favorite lotion you have tried, name and brand? I’ve tried out several but the only one that has done anything for me was stardom by designer skin. I’m pale and looking for one that will bronze me noticeably and last a decent amount of time where I won’t need to go every day to see a change

Should I get my snug pierced?

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Is it okay to fake tan with a tattoo?

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I got my forearm tattoo in March this year so it has been 8 moths since I got it done, would it be okay to fake tan with it? or will that make the tattoo fade? My tattoo has healed but I still sometimes get bumps on the outline. Please help

Best answer: Yes absolutely. If you like a perfume but you don't like the way it reacts with your chemistry try it on your clothes.

How to treat an infected belly piercing?

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It has crust around it, there’s this skin hanging from it that’s always in the way, sometimes puss and blood come out of it. I clean it everyday with salt water soaks along with h2ocean. I’ve had it pierced since the summer.

Why don't more teens use bentonite clay for acne?

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Best answer: I've tried it, and it just irritated my skin. It did help pull oil out of my pores, but my face was so irritated after just a few minutes with the mask on. I've tried different brands and none of them have given me a different result. I prefer other more commercial brands that are less irritating.