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i asked my mom to let me get some antiperspirant, because i noticed my underarms sweat a lot, which is sometimes visible on my shirt, and i feel self-conscious, but she refuses because she claims it's bad to put chemicals on my body. how should i solve this problem?

POLL: is today the greatest day of your life?

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Whats your opinion of tattoos?

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Is it normal for a guy to get a piercing?

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True or false: one way to get paler skin is to stay out of the sun?

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Best answer: No. Whatever skin color you are born with, is what you end up with. You can avoid wrinkles and skin cancer by avoiding too much sun exposure.

Temporary tattoo on penis?

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Weird question but if you were to get a temporary tattoo on your penis would it go away? Does the skin regenerate on it like the rest of your body?

Is the butt more imporant or are boobs more important?

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Best answer: I was always a night person and had similar problems in the morning. To make the best of this you'll need to wake up earlier. I know that is not an easy situation but that is the bad taste of the medicine. Each morning take a shower before leaving the house and have a warm drink of your choice. This may not... show more

Could tattoos affect your health in a way?

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Best answer: For a person who gets a tattoo done in a professional setting with clean tools and equipment? it is very rare. Some people get infections because they don't take care of their tattoo correctly. Even more rare is an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. There is also the risk of scaring, but with a... show more

Could my tattoo be infected?

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I am a female-25, I got a small stick and poke tattoo on my chest - slightly between breasts but slightly above. It was done by a friend of mine who has her own studio space and has done many clients before. The tattoo was right on bone and a little ran into breast tissue. I got it 6 days ago but the pain... show more

How does one go about becoming a tattoo artist?

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Best answer: The best part of tattoos is that they are a personal choice. You don't have to please anyone but yourself. I find the family crest to be in good taste and it can be quite fitting for you. The only tattoos I consider off limits are obscene and hate tattoos.

Stick and poke tattoo?

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i want to do a stick and poke tattoo but i dont know where to put it so i can hide it from my mom. where should i do it ?

Does getting your tounge peirced hurt?

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Best answer: I know standard tounge piercings do not hurt. It’s pierced inbetween the muscles where there are barely any nerves. During the healing process it’s only the exposed enter/exit area that’s sore.

Are tattoos sexy or gross?

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Is a little bit of sun really that dangerous?

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Best answer: The reason why many say "all sun is bad" is because they live in much sunnier parts of the world where they don't experience the cold, grey shortened day of winter nor do they experience the very low angles of the sun in northern latitudes. NOTHING feels better in February than a bit of sunlight that... show more