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Why am i so extremely hot?

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My mum said when I not wearing makeup i look plain so I got upset and said are you calling me ugly and she said ugly and plain are not the same thing so what's the difference?

I am 24 and wish to be thin. How much different do you think I would look as thin? I have no kids and not married and not even soon to be lol

Not just in White majority countries. Even in Black majority countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Why is this the case? Is it related to "evolution"?

Best answer: 1. Black people are more prone to "keloids" and may shave in a direction to avoid snagging and causing more cuts. Note: don't shave upwards. 2. White people aren't white, they're clear and you can see the inbedded hair follicles.

This guy told me he is not intrested in me and does not find me attractive and I am 100 percent sure this guy is hetrosexual/straight. Anyway this other guy told me since he is hetrosexual he will probably feel attraction towards me if I put on sexy and revealing clothes on in front off him (by the way I am not... show more

Tonya harding question?

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Best answer: She look much better in the newer pictures. She's lost that stone cold bit** look and all the anger is gone. Doesn't matter how young or how superficially hot she appeared, that rage, anger and meanness overshadowed her physical appearance. While today she has wrinkles and looks care worn it does show that... show more

Im 16 and 5'6 116lbs brunette am I to old to start being a model? how do you even start being a model? how much do they get paid?

Please dont say to use chapstick. Unsuccessful methods attempted: - Nail biter polish - acrylic nails (most helpful but most damaging to nails & expensive :\ ) - chapstick - lipstick


Both of my parents are really short, my dad is 5’8 and my mom is 5’2. I hate being short because I want to become a model one day (I don’t want to specialize in petite modeling!) is there any way I can grow more? I’ve heard that once you start your period you stop growing though..

Can this happen like this?

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At this day and age with cosmetic surgery advancements and all that is available is it really possible for a female to look better at the age of 52 than she did at the age of 40? Or is it highly unlikely? Will choose a best answer and thanks