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The lights are just simple led strips like some that you get at Walmart. They go on every time the subs hit, but i don’t want them to be on in the day, is there some sort of kill switch to engage them off and on? If so how do I connect it?

What is the fix for my car speaker?

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so I got aftermarket 6.5 inch speakers in my car doors. they are 3 way and my driverside front speaker isnt getting as low as the other speakers. its still producing bass, the bass driver still works but its not getting as low. I checked the wiring its in polarity everything is plugged in right whats the fix... show more

Only one speaker in my car works?

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Best answer: Double check your wiring, and connections, does the black wire male on the plug go the back female on the connection. Check each connection soldered is better That just twisted also. Thanks Very best wishes Mars Source :) Autontech.

Best answer: No, the whole amplifier doesn’t need to be feeding the speakers/woofers. It all depends on the impedance, the RMS power the amplifier drops out at, and the RMS power on the woofer. For example, here’s an amplifier. It does 1600 watts at a 1 ohm load and 1000 watts at a 4 ohm load. Your woofer is a single voice... show more

Found a single 10 inch kicker conp in a ported box with a kono block amp which i out behind my seat in a small 4 door car. The bass is amazingg for my small car but would plugging the port cause a difference??

Best answer: 50/50 sounds fair. My prediction: Amy Coney Barrett.

What Watt is my subwoofer?

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Best answer: To x-Wulfgar-x, The link you provided states this: While the term "subwoofer" technically only refers to the speaker driver, in common parlance, the term often refers to a subwoofer driver mounted in a speaker enclosure (cabinet). Again: "subwoofer" technically only refers to the speaker... show more

I personally never knew anyone who had this happen but i always worry about songs with loud basses could deploy the airbag. Is that a myth? Thanks

Best answer: Average cars today power about 60-80 watts in the listening area without an extra amplifier ( 15-20 rms watts per channel) from the head unit. It takes much more power to have bass sound as loud as treble. Some premium systems provide much more than that and several speakers that can support it. You should not... show more

I dont have a power cable for this and even if I did I wouldnt know how to connect power to it safely

I own a 2002 mustang gt and when I play my audio it only plays on my drives side, it plays on the passenger side but faint. And the sub speakers in the back that come with the car only play out of one speaker. I’m pretty sure the passenger side tweeter is bad which makes the rest of the speakers bad. Or could it be... show more

It's a REAL pain. As if that CD slot was in anyone's way. MILLIONS of CD's are still sold in the US every year. The CD isn't dead yet. What many NEW cars have now is nothing more than an AM/FM radio and a few auxiliary inputs. Meaning.... YOU supply the source for music.

I just recently purchased a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, to my surprise, the car battery is actually in the trunk of the car. I planned on adding 2 Massive Audio GTX124’s on a Hifonics Brutus Amp in the car, but I worry that all the juice from the battery will go straight to the subs instead of the other car’s electrical... show more

I’m trying to install a new radio into my car, and the only wire that doesn’t match up with another wire is the black ground. Is any bare metal or screw that reaches the write a good place to wrap it around or is there a specific location this wire needs to go to?