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I had afternoon tea last year when I was in London with an older friend of mine and it was excellent, tasty, and a perfect experience. I was wondering when I go back to London is it possible to have that experience alone in London? If I were to go to a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or wherever and ask for afternoon tea... show more

She wants to go somewhere that is more adult like and not just for kids but I don't want to take her somewhere that will make her feel out of place either. I was hoping for somewhere that will treat her like an adult but not so much that will make her feel uncomfortable. I know, I should know this but... show more

Best answer: Nah. LOOLL did you eat some spicy stuff? BTW, if this isn't a joke and the first time, then there's something wrong with the food. Do tc x

Are Eat and Pret a Manger pretty much the same?

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Best answer: Yes but it's generally over priced. They will get about 50 servings out of a £20 turkey and charge you at least £25 ph. Probably frozen veg and cheap Xmas pud. Plus you'll pay bar prices for drinks (£25 for wine you could get for £5 in a supermarket, £50 v £10 for champagne.)

Best answer: I think it's TGI Fridays.They have 992 locations worldwide and an estimated revenue of over $440,000,000,Gordon Ramsey owns or operates 39,I think it's very safe to say TGI Fridays brand is worth more.

What are the luxury restaurants in Wales?

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Best answer: Yes I think so. Yep, drinks 2 small cheap starters. Then the mains and dessert.

Is Burnley a great place to live?

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I just did a research of one of UK cheapest live and Burnley came up. I actually live in one of Uk's most expensive regions and an desirable area where the average house in my street costs 800-900k. I'm talking about a family area in West London (Chiswick). Now how about Burnley? Is that a great place too?

How is it like living in Spain?

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Best answer: I lived in Spain for 3 years. Beautiful women, lots of sex, lots of drinking, lots of partying, lots of fun

Why are British people so short?

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Best answer: Your comments are not supported by facts, I'm afraid. Average height of British adult male: 5'10" Average height of Netherlands adult female: 5'6" Sound to me like you just happen to have tall Dutch friends and short British ones. See, that's the reason why using statistics with too... show more

before i turned 16 i was told that someone who is aged between 16-17 can drink when an adult is around them at home and when they go to pubs they suddenly can't?? how is this a thing

Can boys walk around KFC wearing flip flops.?

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Best answer: Yeah i do it all the time, I slip them off when eating tho, I used to take my trainers and socks off too before i eat.

Hi guys, I'm not quite sure if I actually posted this earlier but I need to get a list of every food establishment in my town (takeaways, restaurants, pubs etc.) Once I've done this I am aiming to put together a list containing every food establishment in the county Thank you for your help

Best answer: The Imam Khoei Islamic Centre.

In England that is? Or is it expensive for England or cheap?