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I'd like to study abroad?

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I would like to do my 11th-grade year of high school in France I do have family over there so I don't have any problems with the living situation but id like to know how I can make it possible

Best answer: No, not in the USA, Nurses do clinical and teaching majors do student teaching. That is part of the program and not called an internship. Internships are not require for an Associate or Bachelor degree.

Best answer: There are agencies that arrange Au Pair positions and take care of the visa issues. I would suggest Spain, although I love Italy, the food and the lifestyle. But learning Spanish would be a definite job skill for you for the future.

I’ve been studying abroad in France for about two months now, and I still have 8 months left to go with this host family. It’s not that they’re horrible people or treat me badly or anything. They’re actually pretty nice and I think they are good people. The biggest problem for me is that, bottom line, I just don’t... show more

I am American and I know for a fact many other countries talk about America I even forgot Canada existed lol I feel like noone talks about it we here about North Korea Japan Europe Rome Afghanistan Syria Sri Lankan Australia Africa And so many others But noone in America or that I've seen never talk... show more

Best answer: Extremely unlikely.

Best answer: Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas issued on the condition that foreign students return to their country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies. When applying for their student visa, they must prove they have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses... show more

will the classes be in english or french..

From childhood I always want to go abroad but never able to do because lack of money.Please give me some practical answer.

Best answer: You can get a degree in 5 minutes if you know the right person (what's the hurry? real education takes time). But yeah, there are 3 year Bachelor degree programs here in Canada, and probably the US too.

I live in the us, and I have no knowledge of the german language. I understand that for most programs I would need to know It, but I have found a family who I trust. I am in tenth grade, and I wish to go next year. I get that I might not be able to use a program like International Experience to do it, so could I... show more

Some context; I'm living in Ireland, and In a year I'll be finishing my final state exams, Which afterwards, I'll have to decide what I want to study. My problem is that, I feel very depressed living here, The weather is much poorer, and the people my age don't seem to have the same interests as me,... show more

Best answer: No. You really will need to have some Polish fluency to stay in Poland for any length of time, such as temporarily residing while going to school. You will need to deal with landlords to get an apartment, shopkeepers to buy groceries & supplies, get around on buses, etc. So you must have some Polish. The... show more

Best answer: Thinking and researching before taking action is always prudent decision shelldreamsoverseas consultancy will give you best advice.

i got hired at a very good company, they wanted someone with degree or at least studying, i am a student , i study at university but, at the moment i dont have a money to pay, thats why i want this job to pay my study, 1 week after they hired me, they asked me a document wich proofs that i am a student, i went to... show more

Best answer: From what I have seen in Europe everything closes on a Sunday. I very much doubt that a sorting office will be open., or any post boxes emptied.

Hey, I just need a few recommendations where to start looking. I'd like to study in the Netherlands. Can someone give me tips which universities they have hear of that offer English Law Bachelors ?