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Is homeschooling bad for most kids UNLESS they are severely disabled (it can be a hassle to get there) or is a famous celebrity (too much attention)? I know an increasing number of parents who homeschool because they’re worried about their kid getting bullied. They want to protect their child from unhappiness.... show more

Best answer: The worst perpertrators of child abuse are actually from within the churches. Priests and carers.

Do I have to go to daep?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Ok so my mom wants to put me in homeschooling online but I got put into daep For a fight Is it forced? Or can I not go and be homeschooled? (I live in Texas)

Best answer: You won the day by being calm and by being a gentleman. Well done Pilgrim.

Can I home school myself?

9 answers · 1 month ago
I'm 14-15 and I hardly attend school so I was wondering if it was possible to take learning into my own hands. I live in Scotland btw

I already posted to Facebook but not many people did it. I need a total of 20 peeps for my assignment. Any ideas?

Awesome names for a home school?

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Best answer: I wouldn't worry about creating a name. Be simple. We can issue diplomas in my state as well. Here is a sample of what I used. Few colleges actually want to see the diploma. They are more interested in the transcript.

Why is homeschooling bad?

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Best answer: Because Mueller is bright enough to know that "collusion" is just another word for conspiracy, which IS a crime. It would be like saying we can't prosecute Joe for "ripping off" a car, or for "jacking" a car, because "rip off". and "jacking" is a word you cannot... show more

Is this how evolution works?

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I dreamt that I let one of my cucumbers grow too big and it grew eyes and a mouth and stubby little legs that it walked around on. It was about the size of a wiener dog.

How do you feel about homeschool?

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Best answer: Depends on what he wants. He may have to switch schools a lot but if he's OK with that then go for that. If he wants to be home schooled let him honeschool. You can also do online school. That would be pretty good (if he wants to)

Okay, so here is the long version. Scroll down if you want the short version. So, I am 16Yo. And I m embarrassed to say I have had no education in the last 9 years. I went to school for the first grade, I did 1 year and then my mother decided she wanted to home school me. She never did. So I have gone 9 years... show more

I like facebook?

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The current trade war was never started by trump but by those who refuse to go by an agreement they signed in the mid 90s so why are they blaming trump

I was halfway through my junior year when I left public school because of really severe anxiety. I was never a slacking student, I got really good grades and always did my homework. However I tried to do homeschooling online to graduate and i couldn't keep up with it and now I'm having to decide if I should... show more

Best answer: Religious scriptures mean whatever people interpret them to mean.