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What's something you stopped wearing?

77 answers · 18 hours ago

Do you enjoy drinking vinegar?

53 answers · 19 hours ago

Is it ok to have sex with my cousin?

144 answers · 2 days ago

Mine is Robocop 2 followed by Predator 2

Do you ever talk to yourself?

82 answers · 2 days ago

Are you a dude or a chick ?

116 answers · 2 days ago

I'll choose. California New Jersey Vermont New York Colorado Illnois Maryland Delaware Oregon Washington

Best answer: extremely

Do you like Mexicans?

26 answers · 9 hours ago

I'll reveal one. I was sexually molested for a few years and have not said a word to a soul. It's probably why I am the way I am today. I trust no one.

True or false: You eat on your bed?

26 answers · 11 hours ago

Do you like men or women?

20 answers · 21 hours ago

What car do you drive?

17 answers · 15 hours ago

Poll are your teeth yellow?

23 answers · 8 hours ago