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Are some cars sacrificed for films?

6 answers · Other - France · 9 hours ago
I have an amateur interest in cars, especially older cars, British cars etc What saddens me is seeing the cara basically destroyed for a film. I wonder, are they actually destroyed, surely a car manufacturer wouldn't loan a film several cars just to smash? The Italian Job (1969) is a famous example, the... show more

Best answer: Because they are clever

Should I start talking to this boy?

8 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Of course you should talk to him. Just because someone is she doesnt mean they dont wanna talk and ive found that making the effort to actually be friendly and kind towards someone because theyre a little timid just improves how they see you. And if you dont try you never know, life is short and theres no time for... show more