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Best answer: It basically means in the vast majority of cases. Which is more of a mouthful than 99% of the time, unless you’re talking about a mathematical question, in that case it might actually be 99% of the time

Is the ASFAB test hard?

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Please, inform me?

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Can I get accepted at Lafayette college with B+ grade (3.8 GPA), 1370 SAT score, 112 TOEFL score, 750 on SAT subjects in each following ones: Physics, Math level 1,and chemistry. But I have B grade in Math and Mechanics. I want to study electrical and computer engineering. I need full financial aid, as I am an... show more

What colour are swans exactly?

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Best answer: Mostly white. A black swan is literally the example of "rara avis in terra". I'd give you the rest in Latin but Y!A would just asterisk it out.

What do you think of swans?

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Best answer: I never give them a thought really. They're beautiful birds.

Best answer: IQ is a measurement of behavior, linked with life outcomes, and can be understood in populations to predict almost precisely the type of conditions they will live in. India, due to its mean IQ< will probably level off at around a Brazil level for living standards, and China will level off at around a South... show more

Best answer: No question is dumb bro, if you don't know then you don't know, always remember that. As for your question yes it was huge news. It was the most talk topic for like nearly two years. And on the 1-year anniversity they kept replaying it on TV which sparked outrage. But you know how Trump is constantly in... show more

Best answer: Latin itself isn’t required for most careers but Latin and Greek stems have been a life saver in most of my college courses. As one of my professors put it, “If you can’t make it, fake it.” He was referring to studying stems and root words.

Best answer: If so, it was probably in English. *badly*

I need a reputable test that will give me a reliable answer. Online, offline, I don't care. I took a free online one & scored 130 but I doubt it's that high & Dad says that's impossible.

I believe Americans have every right to demand a stop to illegal immigration. I came here in 2006. Legally. I respect the laws of this country, and I am grateful for being allowed to live here. But these illegals, they just come here and arrogantly DEMAND to be legalized. I don't know you, but I find... show more

Best answer: It says more about the quality of online IQ tests than anything about you. Actually intelligent people don't put much stock in IQ tests at all, nevermind the watered down versions you find online. They're appealing to people's egos not their intelligence (and when you do that you can get a lot of... show more

Test taking tips?

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Best answer: Start studying at least one week before the test, and study every day of the week, leading up to the test, including the day of the test. Study to the beat of your favorite song, or by using like sounding words, including rhymes, to try to remember the answers. Pace yourself. Study for 15 minutes, then take a... show more

The general trend is that smart people do well on tests, and less smart people don't do well on tests. So is the opposite possible? Can smart people be bad at taking tests, and can less smart people be good at taking tests Discuss

Best answer: Many people never really grasped the basics in elementary school. Then as it gets more complicated they fall further behind until they give up. My suggestion is to take a look at Khan Academy. It's online and free. It covers math at pretty much every level. Start from the beginning as a review. When it starts... show more