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For reference: I got 1590 on the SAT with very little study. According to PrepScholar, 1590 is at about the 99.95th percentile

Best answer: no I was actually really lucky if I ever got an A

I study but i still get bad grades?

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Best answer: I've reviewed many books on study. The best I know of are How to Double Your Child's Grades by Schwartz, Helping Your Teenage Student by Cohn and Complete Idiot's Guide to Study Skills. For remembering course content, the first thing is to take good notes. This is not a skill we're born with. It... show more

Can asvab scores be waivered?

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I have a ged so I need a minimum of 50. I took the practice test in my recruiters office and got a 41. So I failed by 9 points. Since I'm really close will he just let me through?

Best answer: We all do the best we can, as are you. Accepting our best effort as sufficient is healthy.

Do you support the ku klux klan.?

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Best answer: heil Hitler.

Could my IQ actually be this low?

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I'm writing this cause I'm a bit shocked. At school, I was tested for special education. They said my IQ was 82. I don't see how that's possible. If it was only 82 I'd hardly be able to type what I am right now. They'd tested me before last year and it said my IQ was 95. I took an online... show more

Is it possible to increase IQ?

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The internet seems so divided on this. I'd be grateful if anyone could give a real answer on it's possibility. I'd like to increase my IQ but I don't want to waste my time if it's not possible like many say.

Best answer: What did you get right on the exam. What do you get wrong? What Information didn’t you know. Evaluate the test. Then reevaluate your study skills.

Best answer: Yes, along with France, Spain.

any studies

Best answer: Autism is nothing more than thinking slightly differently.

It’s specifically my Biology course. I did good on the first exam and the last two I had I did bad on them and I don’t get it. I legitimately spend days studying for it and reviewing. I do the practice exam and I get a good score. I do the previous homework questions and I ace it. But when I get the test I effin... show more

Best answer: False. Of course we have. In fact on the packet of Marlborough cigarettes,(a KKK company) there use to be three red K's on the packaging. That was banned in the 1980's though.

Best answer: Because not all intelligent people are good test takers.

Best answer: Yes, taking tests and passing them is more a technique than a chance to show cleverness.

Best answer: You're not supposed to memorize the answers to questions. You're supposed to LEARN the material, integrate it into your existing knowledge, and then apply that knowledge to NEW questions. If you can't do that, you haven't really learned the material.

Best answer: It's a matter of degree. Teachers may raise their voices to get the attention of the students and be heard over them, but that doesn't mean they are shouting at the students. Shouting would include expressing disapproval, expressing anger.